Survivor 46 spoilers: Details about the winner possibly leaked?

Jeff Probst Survivor Host
Bhanu Gopal has a defender in Survivor host Jeff Probst. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

The Survivor 46 winner won’t officially be revealed for a while, but online information has been leaked that points to a few castaways.

A Reddit user named LifetimeRobot has become synonymous with confirming or refuting Survivor spoilers on threads.

The user was correct with the information they shared about Survivor 45, even though some of the pre-season spoilers didn’t seem like they could be correct.

So far, their information has also been correct about Survivor 46, supporting the assumption that they have some inside information.

Readers must take these spoilers with a grain of salt so far. The production team has not confirmed anything about the winner, and likely won’t to ensure viewers keep tuning in.

But for Survivor addicts who want a headstart on what could take place on the season finale, it’s interesting to look ahead.

Potential Survivor 46 winner spoilers

Online rumors suggest that the Survivor 46 winner will be a woman.

We can rule out Jess Chong, as she was the second person sent home this season.

Several posts claiming to know the Survivor 46 boot order also had Jemila “Jem” Hussain-Adams either making the final three or winning.

Below is one of the original posts that has since been refuted (by LifetimeRobot). But much of the information on it has also been correct. This Reddit user suggested that David Jelinsky, Randen Montalvo, and Bhanu Gopal would be eliminated “pre-jury” and that has been correct. It never even mentions Jess.

Breaking it down, they suggest that Jess Chong, Venus Vafa, or Jem Hussain-Adams gets named the Survivor 46 winner.

Survivor 46 Reddit Post
A Reddit user claims to know the Survivor 46 boot order. Pic credit: @PalpitationThis3615/Reddit

Jem’s placement on those lists is important because LifetimeRobot said that “the winner is listed as someone who doesn’t make final 3.”

Reddit users concluded that Robot was inferring that the pre-season rumor lists were incorrect and that they had the winner incorrectly getting voted out before the final three.

Robot also inferred that the winner is a female after a Reddit user said “I have a strong feeling a male will win this season.”

Robot Reddit Post
A Reddit user possibly shares Survivor 46 spoilers. Pic credit: @ResourceMedium7082/Reddit

So who is the Survivor 46 winner? A breakdown

Most Survivor spoiler accounts predict that a woman will win Survivor 46.

If Lifetimerobot is correct, the Survivor 46 winner is not Jem or Venus.

Moriah Gaynor, Soda Thompson, Liz Wilcox, Marie Shrime Gonzales, Kenzie Petty, or Tiffany Nicole Erwin will be the winner (according to these unconfirmed spoilers).

It would be remarkable if Kenzie or Tiffany won Survivor 46 after being on a tribe that lost the first four Immunity Challenges. That would be an intriguing story to hear at the jury vote.

Many newer Reddit posts have also suggested that Kenzie and Tiffany are receiving a winner “edit” from the producers. Will that continue? It sure will be interesting to find out.

More Survivor news

A Survivor deleted scene revealed Ben Katzman found food for his tribe. It was a scene producers should have left in Episode 4.

During his exit interviews, Bhanu Gopal claimed his tribe lacked “empathy.”

Previous episodes of Survivor 46 are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Survivor 46 airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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