Bhanu addresses begging for his Survivor life, claims his tribe had a ‘lack of empathy’ in exit interviews

Bhanu Survivor 46
Survivor 46 castaway Bhanu Gopal failed to mesh with his tribe in Fiji. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Bhanu Gopal had his Survivor 46 journey end on Wednesday night.

Though he made it through four episodes, Bhanu seemed at risk of elimination almost every week.

A very emotional player in Fiji, Bhanu also spoke some phrases that will stick with him forever.

One such phrase was when Bhanu suggested that he was more interested in winning one million hearts (from viewers) than the $1 million prize.

It didn’t help his cause that Bhanu was part of one of the weakest tribes (competition-wise) that the show had ever seen.

His Yanu Tribe lost four straight Immunity Challenges, sending them to the Tribal Council each week. The only thing that saved them during Episode 3 was the medical evacuation of Randen Montalvo.

Bhanu addresses begging Tiffany to save him

At one point during the March 20 episode, Bhanu was on his knees, begging Tiffany Ervin to save him. It appeared to make her very uncomfortable, much like his prior conversation where he pleaded to Kenzie Petty to work with him.

“That afternoon was definitely all of those emotions. Because I was like, ‘Can I convince them to keep me in the game?'” Bhanu answered when asked about his headspace during the afternoon, where he begged Tiffany for help.

Bhanu revealed that he was willing to do anything he could to stay in the game when answering questions for a Parade exit interview.

“Strategic wise, my strategy was just be honest with the team. Once I get to the merge, no one can stop me,” Bhanu boldly stated.

The Survivor 46 cast was still a ways from the merge at the time of Bhanu’s elimination, so he would have needed to survive much longer.

Below is a clip from Bhanu begging Tiffany to save him on Survivor 46, Episode 4.

Bhanu upset at ‘lack of empathy’ from Yanu Tribe

Jess Chong had a big supporter in Bhanu. He spoke glowingly about her in his exit interviews despite her voting against him at a prior Tribal Council.

He even said that Jess was like his sister, which is why he was particularly frustrated when the rest of his tribe constructed that fake Immunity Idol.

It led to a question from Mike Bloom about how close Bhanu felt to the rest of his tribe.

“Coordination, communication, lack of empathy is the reason why Yanu kept losing,” Bhanu revealed.

“When we lost, we just didn’t sit as a tribe and be like, ‘What are we doing wrong? Where are we going wrong? Let’s let’s talk as a tribe.’ There were no heartfelt conversations,” he elaborated.

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Survivor 46 airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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29 days ago

He was not prepared to play Survivor! Don’t know how he could possibly be a super fan? He was given so many opportunities. Pathetic!