Many Survivor fans are complaining that the show has turned into a soap opera: Here’s what they had to say

Jelinsky Survivor 46
David “Jelinsky” Jelinsky was the first person eliminated on Survivor 46. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 46 has had an emotional start to the season.

With added time from CBS, the first two episodes were two hours each. And that allowed more time for tribe discussions and backstories from the players.

Some Survivor fans are less inclined to enjoy hearing all the talking and are more interested in watching the competitions.

Unfortunately, with the move from 39-day seasons to 26-day seasons, many challenges have been cut for time.

The Survivor producers don’t have time to do a Reward Challenge and an Immunity Challenge ahead of each Tribal Council. Instead, the producers have often combined them into one entity in recent seasons.

Having several recent castaways who have been very emotional in Fiji has also frustrated some long-time Survivor viewers.

Survivor fans commenting on Season 46

Indian IT professional Bhanu Gopal has had a particularly rough time on Survivor 46. The lack of food and sleep has led to many tears from him.

“I’m sorry if i was there and saw a GROWN MAN throw himself on the ground crying bc he’s probably going home i woulda burst out laughing in his face. bhanu is too much #Survivor #Survivor46,” wrote one Survivor fan.

Another fan was a tad upset at the production team for how the latest episode was presented.

“YOU MADE ME WATCH 80 MINUTES OF BHANU CRYING ONLY TO MEDICALLY EVACUATE RANDEN?!? #Survivor2024 #survivor #Survivor46,” they wrote.

A third Survivor fan had a message for the castaways.

“There is no crying in #Survivor,” they posted with a GIF of host Jeff Probst saying, “Got nothin’ for ya.”

More Survivor fans who want the crying in Fiji to stop

“#Survivor46. Man I know Survivor is an emotional game but Got Dam! This man running around crying like a 3 year old,” wrote a fan who shared a picture of Bhanu.

A Survivor fan named Anya also expressed that she doesn’t care about the crying and that the season isn’t winning her over.

“I dont care watching a grown man cry every three seconds is not winning my heart #Survivor,” she posted with a GIF of Bhanu.

More from Survivor 46

Only 15 players are left on Survivor 46. And one of them is Bhanu. It suggests more tears may come during the new episodes, especially since one tribe still hasn’t won an Immunity Challenge.

As for things fans haven’t seen on the show, Jelinsky claimed Q wanted to quit the Sweat Challenge first. If true, that could have shifted how fans viewed the first episode.

A deleted Survivor scene also revealed a fishing accident. Several members of the Nami Tribe got banged up after they won fishing supplies at an Immunity Challenge.

Previous episodes of Survivor 46 are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Survivor 46 airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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30 days ago

Bhanu was one of my faves on the 1st episode (along with Hunter, Maria and Soda). Not so much any more. horrible player. he needs to go!!

Sue Sibbert
Sue Sibbert
29 days ago


Sue Sibbert
Sue Sibbert
29 days ago

Why are my comments never posted? Never rude!
I 💯 % Agree with all of them. No Crying in Survivor