Survivor 46 recap: Jeff Probst sends another castaway home

Jeff Probst Survivor 45
Jeff Probst serves as host of Survivor 46. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

A new episode of Survivor sent someone else home.

Survivor 46, Episode 4, aired on Wednesday night, with only 15 people still in the running for the $1 million prize.

The last episode of Survivor 46 ended shockingly, as one of the castaways had to be medically evacuated.

Randen Montalvo got eliminated on Day 7 when the medical team decided it was unsafe for him to continue playing.

Randen was the first non-Yanu Tribe member to go home. And he saved Yanu from losing a third member as they were heading to Tribal Council again.

Through the first three episodes, David Jelinsky, Jess Chong, and Randen were eliminated.

Don’t Touch the Oven: A new Survivor episode

Hunter McKnight will get nicknamed “Beast Mode” soon for how well he is doing at challenges.

During the third episode, the Nami Tribe was way behind in the Immunity Challenge, but thanks to his skill, Hunter was able to win it for them with some deft sandbag tosses.

This new episode put Hunter on full display again, showing how constructing challenges back home is serving as a huge advantage. He is a huge threat to win Survivor 46, and everyone is seeing it.

As for the results of that fourth Immunity Challenge from the March 20 episode, Survivor fans may have guessed the outcome very early.

The Yanu Tribe lost again. They have finished last place during all four Immunity Challenges this season.

No medical evacuation would help them escape from hanging out with Jeff Probst at another Tribal Council.

Who got sent home on Survivor 46 tonight?

The Yanu Tribe had to go to another Tribal Council on Wednesday night. It meant one of Bhanu Gopal, Q Burdette, Kenzie Petty, or Tiffany Nicole Ervin would get voted out.

Q had been working on a plan to team up with Bhanu to vote out Kenzie, but he had trouble getting Tiffany on board. Tiffany saw it as a safer path to vote out Bhanu first.

Those plans from Episode 3 got tabled when Jeff came to their camp and told them Randen had to leave the game. They had a difficult decision, and Jeff asked some pointed questions.

On Day 9 of Survivor 46, Bhanu Gopal was voted off Survivor. It was a 3-0 vote (sort of), as Bhanu lost his vote during a previous Journey. Jeff decided it was so obvious how the official vote would go that he didn’t bother having people write down Bhanu’s name. At least Bhanu got a hug from the long-time Survivor host on his way out.

More news from Survivor

Many Survivor fans are calling Season 46 a soap opera. The early complaints included that there were too many tears in Fiji.

After the first episode, Jelinsky claimed Q wanted to quit the Sweat Challenge first. What will Q have to say when he gives his exit interviews?

A deleted Survivor scene also revealed a fishing accident. The Nami Tribe tried to go fishing during a low tide and a storm, leading to some injuries.

Previous episodes of Survivor 46 are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Survivor airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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