Survivor 46 recap: A shocking ending to the new episode

Bhanu Survivor 46
Survivor 46 castaway Bhanu Gopal failed to mesh with his tribe in Fiji. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

The Yanu Tribe was a mess as the new Survivor 46 episode began.

Bhanu couldn’t figure out why the rest of his tribe had constructed a fake Immunity Idol to get Jess out.

Many Survivor fans were also frustrated with how Jess was treated before she got eliminated in the last episode.

Bhanu knew he was in danger with Tiff, Q, and Kenzi working together. He approached each of the other castaways to make alliances but brought nothing to the table in those chats.

Later, he would likely need to hunt for an Individual Immunity Idol to find safety.

Meanwhile, Maria Gonzalez found the Immunity Idol box for the Siga Tribe. When her tribe loses an Immunity Challenge, the key will become available. She also lost her vote.

Immunity was on the line again

The third Immunity Challenge of the season took place midway through the episode.

A massive Survivor tool kit and a large tarp were on the line for the winner.

A smaller tool kit and a smaller tarp would go to the runner-up.

Losing the challenge would mean losing their flint. Yanu also still didn’t have their flint.

Despite a rough start, Nami won the Immunity Challenge, thanks to Hunter. He was very good at tossing sandbags onto platforms. Siga was the runner-up and also gained safety.

It meant the Yanu Tribe would head to another Tribal Council and meet with host Jeff Probst.

Nami picked three people to go on a Journey after the Immunity Challenge. They went with Liz (Nami), Ben (Siga), and Bhanu (Yanu).

A Journey with Liz, Ben, and Bhanu

Liz and Ben tried to bond with Bhanu. It led to Bhanu telling them everything about the Yanu Tribe.

The trio had to draw rocks. Two of them would get to compete for an advantage, and the third person would head back to their beach.

Liz drew the white rock and headed back. Ben and Bhanu drew blue rocks, and each had to complete a puzzle (form a cube out of many pieces).

They both failed and lost their votes. That would be difficult for Bhanu to overcome at the pending Tribal Council.

A medical evacuation

Randen Montalvo was experiencing numbness in his right arm and hand. Production let him continue playing at first but then determined they needed to pull him because it could have been due to a neck injury.

Hopefully, the Survivor producers let Randen play again during a future season.

After the episode, Randen revealed that he is now doing better. He has full use of his hand and enjoyed his time in Fiji.

A third Tribal Council for the Yanu Tribe?

The Tribal Council for the night was canceled after Randen’s elimination. Bhanu survived another night. When Jeff Probst came to tell the tribe about it, Bhanu let him know he was there to win a million hearts and not a million dollars.

More from Survivor 46

Jess called her time on Survivor “torture” in an exit interview. She even created shirts to celebrate leaving Fiji after she felt disrespected.

Jelinsky also claimed it wasn’t his idea to quit the Sweat Challenge. He said as much during his exit interviews following his Episode 1 elimination.

Previous episodes of Survivor 46 are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Survivor airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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