Jess said Survivor 46 was ‘torture’ and that she didn’t feel respected

Jess Chong Survivor
Jessica Chong was a castaway on Survivor 46. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Jessica Chong was the second person eliminated from Survivor 46.

It was a dramatic second episode of the season that saw Jess get eliminated at Tribal Council.

And many Survivor fans were displeased about the fake Immunity Idol that her tribe convinced her to use.

The Yanu Tribe lost a second consecutive Immunity Challenge earlier in the episode, and they were preparing to vote out Jess.

Despite already having the votes to send Jess packing, a plan was developed by Tiffany Ervin, Q Burdette, and Kenzie Petty to make Jess feel safe with a fake Immunity Idol.

Jess had also struggled to fit in with the group and was blamed for their challenge losses. It led to an unpleasant experience for her in Fiji.

Jess talks about Survivor 46 being ‘torture’

Not everything makes it into the episodes, and Jess spoke about some things at camp that weren’t shown. She says that bats were very prevalent at their beach.

But she focused much on the second Tribal Council, where she knew her fellow tribe members were trying hard to vote her out.

“For the second one [Tribal Council], it was very clear to me that they just wanted me gone so bad,” Jess told EW.

“And I was just like: Well, I want me gone so bad. I would love to be airlifted out of here by the bats that are terrorizing our camp at nighttime, because I cannot stand to be here,” she added.

As for how she felt about her chances to survive that second Tribal Council, she expounded on what she felt was “torture.”

“I was grinning, and I was smiling through my torture. I was like: Every minute here is torture. I don’t feel respected. I’m tired. I have not slept. Nobody’s tried to help me sleep except for Bhanu. What am I supposed to do?” Jess elaborated.

Below is a quick clip of Survivor 43 winner Mike Gabler sharing his thoughts about that fake Immunity Idol.

Jess stated that she didn’t feel respected by her Survivor tribe

A short clip from an interview with Rob Cestermino is shared below.

“I felt so misunderstood and… I just didn’t feel, like, respected,” Jess said in her RHAP interview.

Jess spoke with Rob for much longer, and the full interview is shared below.

An amusing moment happened early in their chat when she shared a shirt that says, “Smile because it’s over. Spring Break S46 Yanu Beach, Fiji.”

It was a joke about her time in Fiji, leading to the early question, “Was it a bad experience?”

She stated that it’s only bad when she thinks about it.

More news from Survivor 46

Tevin called Venus “rude and snarky” in a clip cut from Episode 2 of Survivor 46. It adds some context to what was happening with Venus and her tribe.

Jelinsky also claimed it wasn’t his idea to quit the Sweat Challenge. It’s something that could be debated on social media later this spring.

Previous episodes of Survivor are available to stream on Paramount+.

Survivor 46 airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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1 month ago

If any one has any doubts that the right person got voted off, please rewatch the immunity challenge. Jess did NOTHING but stand around and/or get in the way of her tribemates. waste of air.