Survivor 46: Randen reveals how long it took him to recover in a new interview and it was shockingly long

Survivor 46 Castaway
Randen Montalvo was part of the Survivor 46 cast. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

A new episode of Survivor 46 saw a medical evacuation from Fiji.

Randen Montalvo woke up one day with a loss of feeling in his right hand.

The Survivor medical team checked him over and let him continue playing the game.

Later in the episode, the medical personnel had a change of heart, feeling it would be safer to pull Randen from the game.

Randen was officially medically evacuated from Fiji on Day 7 of the season. He became the third person eliminated from the game.

After the episode concluded, a short segment had Randen speaking to the cameras again. He spoke about doing much better after receiving treatment. But there’s more to the story.

Randen took a long time to recover from Survivor 46

With his time on Survivor 46 ended, Randen has been giving exit interviews. A teaser from one of them revealed that his recovery time was much longer than it appeared on the show.

“Talking with Randen now,” posted Mike Bloom on X (formerly Twitter).

“He says that it took him weeks of anti-inflammatories and therapy to get the grip back in his hand, so the Final Words he did wasn’t immediately after the MRI,” Bloom wrote.

It sounds like the recovery was a difficult process and that the medical team made a good decision to pull out Randen.

Randen will elaborate on what happened in the full interviews due out later, but this early teaser provides more context for what happened in Fiji.

Survivor 46 Tweet
A tidbit from a Survivor interview with Randen. Pic credit: @AMikeBloomType/X

More from Survivor 46

The Yanu Tribe has provided much drama for Survivor fans this season. And that drama has continued in their exit interviews.

Bhanu may have been saved from elimination when Randen was pulled from the game. Q was also trying to get Kenzie out. So maybe she was saved?

Nobody was saved in the first two episodes of Survivor 46. It led to Jess and Jelinsky getting eliminated at Tribal Council. Both castaways came from the Yanu Tribe.

Jess called her time on Survivor “torture” during her exit interview. And she even created a shirt slogan to celebrate leaving Fiji.

Jelinsky claimed it wasn’t his idea to quit the Sweat Challenge. The first person eliminated on Survivor 46 said Q brought up the idea of quitting.

Can the Yanu Tribe end its losing streak on Survivor 46? We will all find out in Episode 4.

Previous episodes of Survivor are available to stream on Paramount+.

Survivor 46 airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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