Survivor deleted scene reveals Ben finding food for his tribe

Survivor 46 Ben
Ben Katzman is on the Siga Tribe on Survivor 46. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

A new scene from Survivor 46 was revealed about the Siga Tribe.

This deleted scene comes from the moments after the Episode 4 Reward Challenge.

An intense obstacle course on the water ended with castaways tossing rings onto a large poll.

The challenge went much differently than the previous Immunity Challenges that had ended with the Yanu Tribe losing people.

Yanu won the Reward Challenge and 10 fresh fish. They didn’t have a way to cook it, so they traded it for camp supplies and a nice tarp.

The Nami Tribe also won fish for finishing as the runner-up, but Siga got sent back to their beach with nothing.

Survivor 46 deleted scene featuring Ben

“I don’t think the loss of the Reward Challenge shook up the tribe in terms of like, ‘Oh, we can’t do something.’ The part that held everybody back… it could have been anybody, and now, my attitude as somebody who stood out on the bench was like, ‘I can still provide,'” Ben said to the camera in a deleted scene.

Hunger and sleepless nights might have gotten the best of Ben as he tried to relay his intent to find food for the tribe. He wasn’t clear in his explanation, but it was obvious that he felt sitting out the challenge may have been a bad choice.

Ben took the fishing gear the tribe had won during a previous challenge and set out to get as much food as possible.

Below is the full deleted scene of Ben having some success providing for the tribe.

The success he had and the food Ben was able to provide may have given the tribe a necessary push that paid off at their next Immunity Challenge. Siga found safety (again), and Yanu had to go to the Tribal Council (again).

More from Survivor 46

After the latest episode, only 14 people remain in the running for the $1 million prize.

Bhanu Gopal claimed his tribe lacked “empathy” in an interesting exit interview. He was the third person eliminated from Yanu who spoke negatively about their experience.

After getting eliminated on the Survivor 6 season premiere, Jelinsky claimed Q wanted to quit the Sweat Challenge first.

Jess Chong also called her Survivor experience “torture” when she gave her post-show interviews. She did not have fun in Fiji.

Jelinsky, Jess, and Bhanu could have provided some interesting segments if there was a Survivor 46 Reunion Show. Unfortunately, the producers got rid of that facet of the reality competition.

Previous episodes of Survivor 46 are available for streaming on Paramount+. New episodes are followed by a new season of The Amazing Race on Wednesday nights this spring.

Survivor 46 airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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