Survivor recap: More chaos and another dramatic Tribal Council

Charlie Davis Survivor 46
Survivor 46 runner-up Charlie Davis is reacting to his time in Fiji. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Could the Survivor 46 castaways top the chaos of the previous episode?

A new Survivor 46 episode aired on Wednesday night, with the producers showing the fallout of that Tevin Davis blindside.

As a reminder, Q Burdette appeared ready to quit, even asking people to vote him out at the previous Tribal Council.

However, the people working with Q had other ideas, and after many conversations happening as host Jeff Probst watched on, an 8-2 vote sent Tevin to the jury.

Venus Vafa was pretty upset to see her name written down twice, even though one of them was Tevin. It means she had her sights set on Hunter McKnight, who had also voted against her.

Could Hunter prove how adept he was at playing Hide ‘N Seek by avoiding the wrath of Venus? Would he figure out how to stay safe, thanks partly to his Hidden Immunity Idol?

Survivor 46, Episode 9 recap

When the final nine players returned to camp after the Tevin Tribal Council, chaos consumed them. Tiffany Ervin was upset that Q had told people about her Hidden Immunity Idol. She felt it was unnecessary.

Kenzie Petty was also frustrated with Q because he seemingly blew up Tiffany’s game. Meanwhile, Liz Wilcox was frustrated that her move to get Tevin targeted and voted out was overshadowed by Q, which caused drama.

Meanwhile, Venus talked about loving the mess. She was ecstatic about the chaos Q caused. Venus called out Hunter for his vote, which he alluded to not caring about making her mad.

Three teams of three were hinted at in a Tree Mail note. It allowed the final nine to begin planning who would work together. Hunter, Maria Gonzalez, and Charlie Davis were one team; Tiffany, Kenzie, and Ben Katzman became the second team, and Venus, Q, and Liz were the third team.

The teams then began strategizing and conspiring about what might happen next.

Survivor 46, Episode 9, Immunity Challenge

The Immunity Challenge was run in stages. The first stage had an obstacle course and some digging, with only two teams advancing to the second stage.

The final two teams then competed in a challenge for the second stage. Only one team would advance to the final stage.

In the final stage, the last team left standing would compete against themselves to win the Individual Immunity Idol.

Kenzie, Ben, and Tiffany were eliminated in the first stage. Q, Liz, and Venus were eliminated in the second stage.

Hunter, Maria, and Charlie then competed in a balancing challenge to win the Individual Immunity Necklace.

Maria dropped first, leaving Hunter to battle Charlie again. Hunter struggled while Charlie seemed to flourish, and Hunter went down.

Charlie Davis won Individual Immunity and would be safe at Tribal Council. He was guaranteed a spot in the final eight.

To flush an Immunity Idol or blindside a threat?

Ahead of Tribal Council, Kenzie put out an idea to blindside Tiffany. She felt Tiffany would feel so safe that she wouldn’t use her Immunity Idol. Kenzie spoke about loving Tiffany in a confessional but knew she had to cut her loose at some point.

Tiffany was shown speaking to Charlie and noting that she would use her Idol and flush it out to remove anyone targeting her. She was that frustrated about everyone knowing she had it. Tiffany went around camp telling people she was about to use it, forcing people to re-think their ideas.

Hunter later began telling people he also had an Idol and was using it at the Tribal Council. This came after it seemed like people were about to vote for him.

Q also tried to resume working with Kenzie, but she wasn’t interested.

Another dramatic Tribal Council for Survivor 46

Jeff Probst welcomed everyone to the Tribal Council by letting them know he brought popcorn after what happened at the previous vote.

That’s when one of the castaways referred to him as “Spciy Jeff” again.

More chaos surfaced at the new Tribal Council, with Q trying to garner attention again. It led to people lashing out at him again.

When they finally got to the vote, it was unclear who had become the primary target. Did Q talk people into voting him out?

Hunter and Tiffany held onto their Immunity Idols.

Jeff read the votes off as Q, Hunter, Q, Hunter, Q, Hunter, Q, Hunter, and Ben. It was a tie between Hunter and Q, so they had to re-vote.

Jeff then read the votes off as Q, Hunter, Hunter, Hunter, and Hunter.

Hunter McKnight was voted out and became the third member of the Survivor 46 jury.

Jeff Probst said Q wasn’t trying to quit at Tribal Council. Jeff shared those thoughts in a new interview about chaotic Tribal Councils.

Previous episodes of Survivor are available to stream on Paramount+.

Survivor airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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