Michael recounts fight with MAFS co-star Brennan that never made it to air

MAFS costars Michael Shiakallis and Brennan Shoykhet screenshot
Michael Shiakallis and Brennan Shoykhet had an altercation that didn’t air on the show. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight star Michael Shiakallis is opening up about a scene that never made it to air and involved a fight with Brennan Shoykhet.

The altercation occurred because of Michael’s then-wife Chloe Brown, who formed a close bond with Brennan.

If the first thing that came to your mind was a secret love triangle, get your mind out of the gutters.

Michael shared the story on a recent podcast about how things played out since we never saw that moment on TV.

Michael has been dishing about the show since the season ended. Meanwhile, most of the women are still keeping a low profile.

Usually, by the end of the season, the cast would’ve gone public with their Instagram accounts, but most of the women have opted to keep their pages private amid ongoing backlash from MAFS fans.

Michael Shiakallis recounts an alteration with Brennan that wasn’t shown on MAFS

Michael is spilling the tea on some juicy snippets that happened during filming but they never made it to air.

During a podcast chat on Little Miss Recap, he recounted a tense moment with Brennan.

“We got into an argument…it never made it to the light of day but it was about a conversation he had with Chloe” the MAFS star explained.

Michael said Chloe had confided in Brennan and he was very upset when details of that conversation leaked and wanted to defend his wife.

“I got upset about that, and me and him, we got into it,” admitted the 38-year-old, adding, “We didn’t physically fight or anything.”

That’s all water under the bridge because Michael and Brennan have become close friends as we saw in the MAFS finale.

Michael gives his take on Brennan and Emily’s marriage

Michael also chimed in on Brennan’s marriage to Emily Balch, which came to a tumultuous end before the season wrapped.

Brennan cited Emily’s negative attitude as one reason he wanted out of his marriage, and Michael shed more light on that.

The MAFS star used the example of Emily’s behavior at his and Chloe’s wedding where she whispered to Brennan that the couple’s vows were boring.

“When he keeps talking about being positive…I think that’s the example of it,” explained Michael. “It was hard for him to understand why in this moment would you even bring something up like that.”

The Season 17 star said he was told about the shady comment from Emily and it didn’t phase him, but Brennan was concerned about Chloe’s feelings since she would be hanging out with the women.

“He’s way more empathetic than he comes off,” reasoned Michael.

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus.

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