Emily Balch slams ‘tweedle trifecta’ Chloe, Brennan, and Cameron over mean girl accusations

MAFS star Emily Balch reunion
Chloe Brown throws shade at her castmates. Pic credit: Lifetime

Emily Balch saw the clips of Chloe Brown chatting it up with Brennan Shoykhet and Cameron Frazer, and she wasn’t too happy about it.

The Married at First Sight star clapped back at the trio with a shady response on social media, calling them the “tweedle trifecta.”

Emily responded to a clip of the trio calling out the wives for their mean-girl antics toward Chloe.

Viewers noticed that the brunette beauty was left out of the clique when the other woman continued to show up to all the MAFS Afterparty episodes clad in pink.

However, it became more obvious at the reunion when the four wives sat on one side of the stage clad in pink while Chloe sat on the men’s side, dressed in purple.

Sadly, things have only worsened since the reunion, and Chloe has cut the mean girls out of her life for good.

Emily Balch claps back at Chloe, Cameron, and Brennan

Emily didn’t take too kindly to Chloe, Brennan, and Cameron, calling out the mean girl’s behavior displayed by the Season 17 wives.

She posted a screenshot showing the trio with the caption, ” Chloe calls out castmates Mean Girls behavior…”

Emily responded on her Instagram Story, writing, “I said I would be done but the irony here has me howlinggggg – couldn’t have picked a between way to go out w/a mf bang.”

She also tossed in some shady hashtags, adding “#fradulantfrienimies” and. “tweedletrifecta 🤡🤡🤡.”

Emily Balch Instagram Story
Emily shades her MAFS castmates. Pic credit: @balch_so_hard/Instagram

MAFS viewers are Team Chloe

The final episode of Season 17 just aired, and it didn’t take long for viewers to sound off on social media.

It’s safe to say the pink crew hasn’t won anyone over in this last episode, as fans have made it clear they are tam Chloe all the way.

“I feel like I’m watching the movie “Mean Girls” as the attitude of the 4 main women (minus Chloe) on this season sound so much like teenagers…” wrote one commenter.

“I’m sooooo team Chloe #MAFSDenver #MAFS,” someone bluntly wrote.

MAFS viewer comments on X
Pic credit: @bengals2761/@KimbrlyNa37320/X

One commenter said, “I’m💯 with Chloe felt 2nd hand embarrassment for these people & their antics. She’s too sophisticated for this trash season #mafsdenver #MAFS”

Someone else added, “Omg all of these women are like high school girls…Chloe is the only mature one…I’m starting to realize why these men were acting how they were.”

Did you watch the final episode of Season 17? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus.

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27 days ago

Why was Chole upset that Lauren was friends with Michael on social media. That doesnt sound very mature to me.

27 days ago

This Season was PATHETIC all the way around. It was a total CRAP SHOW to say the least. Chloe was the only classy one on the show. The men were no better. I’m just glad it’s over!! JMO

27 days ago

I am not on any team. Grow up, all of you. Have a look at the REAL “mean” things happening in the world. The human suffering, the war crimes, the little children starving and dying. You all need to be sent to a children’s cancer ward, or a war front or refugee centre for an attitude adjustment.

Joyce Borne
Joyce Borne
27 days ago

That episode was not air in Canada. It was 2 ladies talking about all seasons