MAFS wives say their pink outfits represent female empowerment as Chloe responds

MAFS stars Chloe Brown and Becca Haley screenshot
Chloe Brown wasn’t a part of the pink pact with Becca Haley and the other wives. Pic credit: Lifetime

The Married at First Sight wives — Emily Balch, Lauren Good, Becca Haley, and Clare Kerr — have been rocking pink all season, taking a cue from the movie Mean Girls.

“On Wednesdays, we wear pink” took on a new meaning for the women who donned the color in various shades for their MAFS Afterparty appearances on Wednesday nights.

The foursome was also clad in pink at the reunion, as they joined forces to face off with their exes, Brennan Shoykhet, Austin Reed, Orion Martzloff, and Cameron Frazer.

The women said they wore the color to show solidarity and female empowerment.

Meanwhile, Chloe Brown stood out on the reunion stage clad instead in purple. So was she deliberately excluded from the group?

She gave a classy response when asked why she wasn’t in the pink pact with her castmates

MAFS wives explain why they wore pink to the reunion

The MAFS wives were clad in pink and ready for a showdown with their exes.

“I think for us it’s about standing strong in the female power,” said Becca.

“And knowing that we’re more than just characters on a screen and we find power in standing in solidarity and wearing the pink,” added Lauren.

Chloe was making her statement in a stunning purple dress.

When reunion host Kevin Frazier asked why the brunette beauty wasn’t wearing pink like her co-stars, she reasoned that her late entry into the show played a role.

“These ladies were able to form a really awesome bond and I think, really just from a timeline perspective and coming in as late, and really trying to make up filming the say way,” Chloe explained.

“They look beautiful and I’m glad that they are standing up for female empowerment, I think it’s wonderful,” added the 39-year-old.

MAFS viewers are not buying the female empowerment claims

After the clip was posted on Instagram people had a lot to say about the women’s reasons for wearing pink, and they were not buying the female empowerment claims.

“It’s sad that people think these woman are examples of how woman should act…. Man hating as a form of woman empowerment is gross,” wrote one commenter.

“Wearing pink does not empower you if you’re lying and scheming,” noted someone else.

MAFS viewers bash the Season 17 wives
MAFS fans weigh in. Pic credit: @mafslifetime/Instagram

A MAFS viewer called the women “extremely calculated,” adding that they “do not represent the female power in its true terms… manipulation disguised as female power, can trick millions of people into seeing women as victims. These are not victims.”

“These women are not representing women well at all. Bitter and angry! Nope! 👎,” reasoned someone else.

Married At First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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