Viewers slam MAFS wives for ‘bizarre and unnecessary’ boudoir photoshoot

MAFS stars Lauren Good and Becca Haley screenshot
Lauren Good and Becca Haley loved their boudoir photoshoot. Pic credit: Lifetime

The wives of Married at First Sight felt empowered and confident after their boudoir photo shoot in the latest episode.

However, those feelings might go out the door once they see the negative reaction from viewers about the racy scene with Becca Haley, Clare Kerr, Emily Balch, and Lauren Good.

Viewers took to social media to share their opinions about the episode and an overwhelming amount of people felt the bonding activity was “bizarre and unnecessary.”

At this point, it feels like producers are simply trying to fill air time after all the couples called it quits.

The contentious breakups didn’t leave much leeway for the former couples to film together. Due to that, we’ve been getting a lot of filler scenes with the women, frequently as they trash their husbands.

However, during their latest hangout, the wives wanted to get their spark back after ending their marriages so they rocked lingerie and showed the world their best poses.

MAFS wives try to find their spark with a boudoir photoshoot

The MAFS Season 17 wives, minus Chloe Brown, rocked their favorite lacy pieces for a photoshop with professional photographer Becca Haley behind the camera.

The women posed in a bedroom, with a large bed as their main prop while Becca directed each one, as the others cheered from the sidelines.

It was a bonding moment for the women, who needed to feel confident again after the demise of their marriages.

“I think after the chaos that our marriages were all of us lost a little bit of our spark,” said Lauren. “And today I feel like was just the first step for a lot of us in finding that spark.”

Becca also had her turn in front of the camera, and the women snapped group photos.

In the clip posted on Instagram, Lauren told her castmates “I think this was definitely a good activity in choosing ourselves and loving ourselves regardless of those men, regardless of any man that comes after this.”

MAFS viewers call out ‘bizarre and unnecessary’ scene

The women felt great after their photo shoot, but MAFS fans were not impressed.

“I have to say I am for boudoir but I thought it was super unnecessary to have these scenes on the show. This season has been terrible,” wrote one commenter.

“This was so unnecessary and just weird. We didn’t need to see it,” reiterated someone else.

One viewer questioned, “Why did they need to get undressed and take pictures in lingerie to “choose themselves? … so bizarre and unnecessary.”

Someone else also opined, “I did not like this episode. They did not need to air this one. Those pictures could stay in that studio.”

MAFS viewers bash the Season 17 wives
MAFS fans weigh in. Pic credit: @mafslifetime/Instagram

What did you think of the women’s boudoir photoshoot? Sound off in the comment section below.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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14 days ago

Rock on Ladies…You can do whatever you want..!!!

14 days ago

It was just plain sickening. The producers could not find other activities and does putting this scene on, really empower women? NO! What a put down for women.