Emily Balch branded an ‘angry, bitter woman’ by MAFS Afterparty viewers

MAFS star Emily Balch screenshot
Emily Balch is getting bashed online. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight, viewers were once Team Emily, but oh, how things have changed.

After bashing her husband Brenna Shoykhet all this time for how he treated her throughout the season, people are starting to see another side of Emily.

Fans of the show are turning on the 29-year-old after making several appearances on the MAFS Afterparty.

Last night was the final straw for viewers who have now dubbed Emily an “angry, bitter woman.”

She was a guest on the latest Afterparty episode along with Michael Shiakallis and Emily’s best friend, Becca Haley.

Emily didn’t make a good impression during her appearance on the show, and she was called out by host Keisha Knight Pulliam.

A clip of the questionable remark she made about Cameron Frazer was later posted online, and the MAFS star is getting bashed in the comments.

Emily Balch goes in on Cameron Frazer during the MAFS Afterparty

Emily Balch was eagerly waiting to appear on MAFS Afterparty so she could clap back at Cameron for calling her a cheater.

However, she might have taken things a bit too far, and now she’s getting bashed online.

While defending her friend Clare Kerr–she made an inconsiderate remark, blasting Cameron because he didn’t show up at a bar–while recovering from surgery–to hang out with his ex.

“Even though Cameron was sick, whatever, he still could have shown up for Clare,” exclaimed Emily. “I think it shows a lot about them and their characters and their contribution to both Clare and I’s marriage.”

“Didn’t Cameron have heart surgery?” host Keisha Knight Pulliam chimed in.

“He had surgery, but he also was recovering, he wasn’t, like, immobile,” retorted Emily.

“He had heart surgery, Emily!” said Keisha once again. “You’re not supposed to be at a bar after having heart surgery.”

However, the MAFS refused to back down, adding, “I think you could be there with water and just stand there.”

MAFS fans call Emily ‘angry’ and ‘bitter’

The inconsiderate remark rubbed many people the wrong way, and they took to the comments to bash Emily.

Someone defended Cameron in the comments, writing, “As someone who had heart surgery … nope definitely would not be there….The only person he needed to take care of was himself!”

“Wow, Emily is a really angry, bitter woman,” wrote one commenter.

“Okay EMILY gurl you are out of control. When you look back at this episode and hear yourself you’ll realize how bad your comments are. No one has heart surgery then hang out at a bar to prove a point,” someone else.

MAFS viewers bash Emily Balch on Instagram
Pic credit: @mafslifetime/Instagram

One MAFS viewer said, “I literally am absolutely team Brennan after listening to what Emily just said about Cameron. Unreal. It all makes sense now.”

Married At First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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M. Ping
M. Ping
17 days ago

Throughout the season Emily continued to roll her eyes, make snarky remarks and have nasty expressions on her face every time she and Brennan tried to have a “discussion”. The only time she didn’t was when she was injured. Was that due to pain management or because all of the attention was on her? And she wonders why she’s never been in a relationship..