MAFS reunion spoilers: Here’s why the wives think their husbands had a sex pact

MAFS star Becca Haley
Becca Haley thinks the Season 17 husbands had a pact. Pic credit: Lifetime

The countdown has started for the Married at First Sight Season 17 reunion, and we have another sneak peek before the episode airs.

Get ready for a tumultuous faceoff between the exes with allegations being slung from both sides.

In a preview of Part 1, the wives have a conversation with host Kevin Frazier about an alleged sex pact between the men.

They are convinced that the husbands had it all planned out in their group chat to refrain from having sex with their wives.

Part 1 also features a deleted scene from the season: the women confronted the men about their conspiracy theory.

The husbands denied the claims, but that wasn’t the end of the discussion.

Did the Season 17 husbands have a sex pact?

MAFS host Kevin Frazier questioned the women about the lack of intimacy in their marriages — except for Chloe Brown and Michael Shiakallis, who tied the knot later in the season.

“There was this lack of physicality in the relationships, and in any of your marriages, it was the weirdest thing,” reasoned Kevin.

The women responded, laughing as Lauren said, “It was the Sahara desert in Season 17.”

“I do think that there likely was some conspiring happening,” said Becca Haley, who tried all season long but to avail to get intimacy from her husband, Austin Reed.

The women then watched a flashback of a group scene that didn’t make it to air, where they confronted the men about this very topic.

MAFS wives confront their husbands in a deleted scene

The deleted scene featured in the reunion clip showed, Austin, Orion, and Michael having a conversation with Chloe, Becca, Emily, and Lauren.

The MAFS wives wondered if it was just coincidental that the men had no interest in having sex throughout the eight-week experiment.

“I feel like a conspiracy theorist but there are patterns…how is it that each of you were like, ‘We’re not gonna have sex in this marriage?’ All of you,” questioned Becca.

“Stop! That is a conspiracy theory,” responded Austin. “That wasn’t like a thing we talked about.”

“What I wanna do right now is like say, let me see your phone then and see the guys’ group chat,” responded Becca.

After watching the clip, Becca admitted, “The conspiracy theory is hilarious to watch back because it is all as wild to us as it to everyone else.”

Kevin told the cast he assumed things were hot and heavy with the couples behind the scenes, and that they just opted to keep it off-camera.

“There was nothing?” he questioned.

“No,” Emily and Becca responded as Clare added. “It was ludicrous; I’m sorry.”

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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