Meri Brown shares tribute to mom Bonnie one month after her death

Meri Brown and Bonnie Ahlstrom
Meri posted a tribute to her late mother, Bonnie, one month after she passed. Pic credit: TLC

Exactly one month to the day that Meri Brown lost her mother, Bonnie, the Sister Wives star shared a series of pics in remembrance of her.

Meri’s mother, Bonnie, passed suddenly and unexpectedly last month after an undisclosed illness.

In her post, Meri shared pics of herself and her mom in front of Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, Bonnie’s grave marker, which read “Bonnie J. Barber 1945 – 2021,” and a solo pic of her mom with a huge smile.

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Meri captioned her post, “One month today since she left us. One month too long. One month too hard. One month that I wasn’t ready for. Missing you, Mom! ???”

Meri’s mother was 76 years old when she passed suddenly and unexpectedly last month

Bonnie was 76 years old when she passed and was the innkeeper at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, Meri’s bed and breakfast in Parowan, Utah.

Meri reported that her mother’s death was “sudden and unexpected,” and no details have been released regarding the cause of her death.

Just days after, at the funeral service, Meri’s husband, Kody was spotted smooching his second wife, Janelle, in the parking lot.

Meri has been honest about grieving the loss of her mom

Meri has been open about struggling with the loss of her mother. She admitted that she was still seeking guidance from her mother after passing.

Social media trolls used Bonnie’s death to call Meri “dramatic” and told the Sister Wives star to “get over” it, but instead of firing back with hatred, Meri responded with kindness.

Ironically, Bonnie was featured in an episode of Sister Wives the week after she passed, and was shown moving in with Meri during the start of the pandemic so that Mariah could tend to the bed and breakfast.

Meri was grieving her mother’s passing while dealing with her broken marriage to Kody

Meri took a brief break from social media after her mother’s passing but slowly returned to address another troll who alleged she had an affair with a producer.

Bonnie’s passing came during a dismal period in her marriage to Kody, as fans of the show witnessed this season. The couple of 30 years has faced issues throughout their marriage, but this season really magnified their struggles.

Although Meri played coy with the press about the seriousness of her and Kody’s troubles, Kody was honest and spilled all the tea. He admitted that they haven’t lived together in roughly five or six years and don’t share a sexual relationship.

Kody, who is typically outspoken and opinionated, was silent on Twitter during the show’s finale episode earlier this month. Meri was extremely active on Twitter during the finale, addressing fan questions and commenting on scenes in the episode.

Meri returned to social media after a brief hiatus, possibly throwing shade at Kody

Meri had some fun mocking Kody on Twitter for his incomprehension of happy hour and lack of a sense of humor and her fans were there for it.

Though Meri isn’t as direct as Kody, she continues to share cryptic messages on social media, possibly aimed at her husband of three decades. She implied that she wanted an apology from Kody earlier this week when she shared a quote about apologizing.

It’s unclear whether Meri is planning on making any big life decisions now that her mother is gone, but some of her fans want to see her in her own spinoff show, and some have even urged her to leave Kody and move on with her life.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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