Pics surface of Meri Brown at her mother’s funeral, Kody and Janelle spotted kissing

Janelle, Kody and Meri Brown of Sister Wives
Janelle and Kody were spotted kissing at Meri’s mother’s funeral. Pic credit: TLC

Fans of Sister Wives learned of Meri’s mother’s passing last week, and now pics have surfaced of the funeral where Kody arrived with Janelle and the couple engaged in some PDA.

Meri’s mother Bonnie was laid to rest at the Rocky Ridge Chapel in Utah. Bonnie was the innkeeper at Meri’s bed and breakfast and viewers saw her in last week’s episode of Sister Wives, just days after news of her death.

Meri, who wore a bright yellow and white dress to the service, was still wearing her wedding ring. This may come as a surprise to many, given the state of her marriage to Kody.

It’s unclear from the photos if Janelle wore her ring, but she’s admitted she isn’t a big ring wearer. Given that Kody rotates his visitation schedule between his four wives, it would appear that it was Janelle’s time with her husband of 28 years.

Kody wore a navy blue suit with a pink rose on his lapel, and his second wife Janelle wore a long flowered dress with a denim jacket as the two arrived together. The couple was recently seen reuniting after a month apart in an upcoming clip for the show.

Kody ‘wasn’t reading the room’

Sources claimed that Kody “wasn’t reading the room,” as he was his typical bubbly self during the somber event.

An eyewitness at the service described it as “very solemn,” but Kody’s energy was anything but. The source claimed that Kody was “energetic” and “chatty.”

Kody can be seen in several pictures looking quite animated and upbeat. At one point, Janelle is said to have grabbed Kody’s arm and pulled him in for a kiss on the lips in the chapel’s parking lot.

Although the focus was on Meri losing her mother, witnesses said that Kody gave all of his attention to his second wife, Janelle. The source reported that Meri and Kody had very little interaction.

At one point, Meri can be seen applying hairspray outside her car and took a few moments to touch up her makeup.

Mariah was in attendance with her fiance Audrey, but Robyn and Christine were visibly absent

Also seen in the photos was a van full of flowers. Kody and Meri’s daughter, Mariah, and her fiance, Audrey, were also in attendance. The couple showed off their matching glasses and new short haircuts.

Robyn, who recently broke her silence about Meri and Kody’s marriage, didn’t look to be in attendance.

Christine was spotted stopping for cookies with Mykelti after leaving an ultrasound appointment.

Kody and Christine’s daughter Mykelti is due to give birth any day now. She hinted that her birth will be filmed and featured on the show.

Meri’s BFF ‘dropped everything’ to be with Meri on the ‘hardest day’ of her life

Meri came out of her social media hibernation today, since the loss of her mother. She paid tribute to another important woman in her life, BFF Jenn Sullivan.

Meri mentioned that Jenn flew to be with her when she “needs her most,” but it’s unclear whether she stayed at Meri’s home in Flagstaff or flew to attend the service Utah.

Meri has had a lot to think over lately, and fans wonder if she’ll be making any major changes now that her mother has passed and she hasn’t been legally married to Kody for nearly a decade.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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