Sister Wives: Robyn Brown finally breaks her silence on Meri and Kody’s relationship

Robyn Brown of Sister Wives
Robyn Brown of Sister Wives. Pic credit: TLC

During an interview with Christina Garibaldi of Us Weekly, Sister Wives star Robyn Brown has finally spoken out about her husband Kody’s broken marriage to his first wife, Meri.

When asked how Kody and Meri’s relationship changed after the catfish incident, Robyn said it was a “significant” change that was “very, very difficult” to watch.

She continued, “Kody was really struggling at that time, and he really had a hard time with it.”

Robyn believes in miracles

When asked whether she understood why Kody was hesitant to work on his marriage with Meri, Robyn alluded that it would be a long shot.

She said, “I believe that miracles can happen in relationships and I think that you can fix anything that’s broken in relationships if you try hard enough. You definitely have to have two willing parties and it’s so hard to even make a judgment call on either one of their positions or what they’re doing or anything.”

She added, “I just hope and pray they can figure it out one way or another and heal their relationship. I pray every day that they can figure this out.”

When Robyn discovered that Meri’s catfish incident was the reason for her disconnect, she felt a sense of relief. Robyn was adamant that the catfish scandal was something that could be worked through.

Robyn gave Meri credit for the work she’s done to find peace

Robyn, who recently got slammed for calling Kody during a visit with Meri, wished that Meri would have talked to her while she was struggling. She admitted that Meri has done a lot of work to “find her peace again,” and Meri’s account of the story matched what Robyn said.

Robyn was proud of Meri. She said that while Kody and Meri are the ones involved in the broken marriage, she’ll do what she can to be supportive and help them heal.

Robyn admitted that it was hard for her when Meri was no longer “reachable.”

She struggled as their relationship grew apart because the two of them had been so close.

Robyn is hopeful that Kody and Meri’s relationship will be saved

When thinking ahead to the future, Robyn envisions their relationship “as healed.”

She admitted that she “pushes” Meri to stick things out and make the effort to figure things out.

Robyn admitted that she can only “encourage and support as much as they’ll let me.”

She said that ultimately, it’s their relationship to “manage.”

Robyn said she still loves both Kody and Meri and just wants “them to get it figured out.”

Meri recently admitted that she and Kody don’t talk or see each other.

Kody’s statements paint the same story and now fans are starting to believe that the couple’s estranged marriage is truly over.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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Kristen Kopp
Kristen Kopp
2 years ago

I don’t think the catfish thing tore apart their marriage it started when meri unselfishly let Robyn get married to kody. Why would meri even entertain talking to anyone else if kody hadn’t divorced her and marry robyn then the catfish scandal toppled the iceberg.

2 years ago

Kody is not a nice individual. He treats three of his wives like s**t while he hold Robyn on a pedestal. All he wants to do is see how many wives he can get when he cannot take care of the ones he has. Cannot stand Kody for his actions.

2 years ago

Robyn full of bull pretending g to care Kody tells her everything she always has to interfere in everyone’s business she only got really friendly with meri because mer I held the tittle legal wife when she pretends to cry her face never goes red it’s all an act Robyn all about robyn and her and her kids coming first in the brown family

2 years ago

nobody questions why Meri was looking for positive comforting words on the internet, she wasn’t getting at home, Kody was all about Robyn, He told Meri they shouldn’t have a child, but turned around a Robyn announced she was pregnant. never supported her ideas unless it was to help raise with the other kids, it takes to in a marriage so Kody needs to find out his responsibility that led to Meri being Catfished in the first place he is as much to blame, she obvious wasn’t getting what she needed from him,

ches pillow
ches pillow
2 years ago

Why does all of the sister wives cry all the time? How does Kodi support his wives and all of their kids?

1 year ago

has kody ever done a days work or does he put his wifes out to get the money i do not like him