Meri Brown’s mother Bonnie is featured in Sister Wives episode days after her death

Meri Brown and Bonnie Ahlstrom of Sister Wives
Meri and her mother Bonnie at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. Pic credit: TLC

In this week’s episode of Sister Wives, Meri Brown’s beloved mother Bonnie made a featured appearance, sadly just days after the news of her death, and viewers may have some answers about the future of Lizzie’s Heritage Inn.

Meri talked with her daughter Mariah and Audrey, who had been staying at her house after leaving Chicago, amid the pandemic.

Meri’s mom Bonnie was the innkeeper at her bed and breakfast, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn in Parowan, Utah.

The inn was a family home and it has been in Meri’s family for generations. Meri’s great-great-grandparents built it in 1870 and her grandmother grew up in the home, so it holds a lot of sentimental value for Meri.

Meri and the girls were concerned for Bonnie’s safety alone at the inn

Meri, Mariah and Audrey grew concerned that Bonnie shouldn’t be left alone to tend the inn, given the state of COVID-19 at the time. The three face-timed with Bonnie to discuss their concerns.

Meri explained that the inn has four rooms big enough to house four families at once, in addition to Bonnie. Given that four families could potentially be passing through the inn nightly, and Bonnie being in her 70s, Meri didn’t want to risk exposing her mom to the virus.

Mariah explained to her grandma that she’s in the high-risk category, being over 65. Mariah said that she would love to see Bonnie continue to live her “long and beautiful” life so they were taking measures to keep her safe.

Meri Brown, Mariah Brown and Audrey Kriss of Sister Wives with Bonnie Ahlstrom
Meri, Mariah and Audrey face-timed with Bonnie at the inn. Pic credit: TLC

They explained to Bonnie that they would keep the bed and breakfast open because people still needed to travel and that it was a safer alternative to a crowded hotel. Bonnie agreed with the three.

Meri got emotional talking about how special her mom was

Meri took to the confessional couch to explain one of “the tenets of their belief system,” which means that they “get blessings.” Meri described the blessings as “kind of the word of God in our lives.”

Meri claimed her mom has had these blessings throughout her life that have “told her and inspired her to be that person who people can use as a shelter.”

Meri got emotional and fought back tears as she told the cameras what has been Bonnie’s motto her whole life: “Just to take people in and take care of them, it’s just who she is.”

Bonnie was excited about Mariah and Audrey taking care of the inn while she stayed with Meri

Meri suggested that the girls trade places with Bonnie and she was thrilled with the idea.

Bonnie replied, “That would be amazing.”

On the confessional couch, when the director asked Mariah if she’d ever run a B&B before, she answered, “No I’ve never run a bed and breakfast.”

Audrey interjected, “But we’re going to keep grandma safe so we’re gonna learn,” as Mariah emphatically agreed.

Meri confessed to the cameras that Mariah and Audrey were only with her for one week. Her plan was for the couple to stay a couple of months at her house in Flagstaff before moving to Salt Lake.

Meri disclosed that Lizzie’s Heritage Inn would eventually belong to Mariah

Later, on the confessional couch, Meri admitted that she had mentioned running the B&B to Mariah before. She told Mariah that being her only child, the house would be passed to her eventually.

Meri said that Mariah wasn’t thrilled about the prospect and her response was, “No, mom, I don’t want this house.”

Meri admitted that secretly she was hoping that Mariah would embrace living in the inn because one day it would be hers.

Would Meri move to Utah to be closer to the inn and Mariah and Audrey?

With the news of Bonnie’s sudden passing, Mariah may be taking on the role of full-time innkeeper a lot sooner than she had planned.

Fans are curious about whether Meri will keep Lizzie’s in the family, sell it, or possibly even move there herself. She may soon have some big decisions to make.

Amid her relationship struggles with Kody, moving back to Utah to be close to the inn and Mariah would be a logical step for Meri. In the meantime, she’ll obviously need time to focus on mourning the passing of her sweet mother.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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