Sister Wives: Kody sees Janelle after a month apart, kids fear he’ll ‘wreck the family’

Janelle and Kody Brown of Sister Wives
This week on Sister Wives, Janelle and Kody are reunited after a month apart in quarantine. Pic credit: TLC

In another new clip for this week’s episode of Sister Wives, Kody documented the moment he saw Janelle after a month apart in quarantine.

Originally, Janelle demanded that Kody stay away from her house completely, but someone must have had a change of heart.

The first scene, which Us Weekly shared, shows Kody filming from his cell phone (due to COVID-19 filming restrictions) as he pulls up to Janelle’s house.

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As he got out of his car, he said, “Here we go.” Kody was wearing his hair in a ponytail, Janelle’s preferred hairstyle on her husband.

Kody told the camera it had been “a whole month” he’d been away from his family. Janelle and Kody share six children together: Logan, Madison, Hunter, Garrison, Gabriel and Savanah.

Three of Kody and Janelle’s six kids live at home

He swiftly opened the door and was greeted by Janelle and their son Garrison, who was filming with his cell phone. Savanah can be seen hugging her dad later in the clip.

Kody walked over to Janelle with a smile, told her he missed her “so much” and the two hugged. Kody admitted that he had “so much anxiety” on his ride to their house.

The couple, who got into a Twitter tussle recently, hugged for more than a few moments while Kody said, “It’s nice to see you,” before giving Janelle a kiss on the lips.

Fast forward to the couch confessional and Kody, sitting with Janelle, told cameras, “It’s nice to be home.”

Janelle and Kody Brown of Sister Wives
Janelle and Kody shared a hug after a month apart. Pic credit: TLC

Janelle told Kody’s camera that she had a lot of anxiety, too. Kody yelled, “Hey, Gabe!” as their youngest son walked through the door.

Kody told everyone that he was sort of “freaking out.”

Janelle recently confessed that sometimes she calls sister wife Christine to tell her, “I don’t like your husband today.

Kody joked that he wasn’t sure what to call his relationship with Janelle

Back on the confessional sofa, Kody said, “We’ve been apart so long… what are we? It’s funny cuz we see each other, and we start to laugh at each other kind of because oh, we know, or at least I felt, almost immediately, we’re right back in the groove.”

Janelle couldn’t contain her excitement while Kody told the story, and she added, “Yeah, we’re fine,” as Gabriel walked over and gave his dad a big hug. Kody patted his back and told him he missed him “so much.”

Garrison can be heard saying, “Aw,” in the background.

Fans might remember that Kody recently tweeted this about his sons: “Gabriel and Garrison both could have stopped their social lives for me to return home. They say ‘unfair,’ but never changed their behavior, and @JanelleBrown117 didn’t insist on it.”

The tweet prompted Janelle to fire back, defending her parenting.

Janelle revealed what their kids thought about being away from their dad

Janelle told the confessional cameras what her kids thought about the situation: “You know I think at the [sic] first it was kind of like, whatever, a couple of weeks, no big deal. But then as it started to get closer to the end, they were kind of like, well, this is dumb.”

She also revealed that the kids thought their dad was “going to ruin the family.” Kody rolled his eyes at the comment.

She admitted that the kids told her they were “alarmed” and reinforced that they thought Kody was “somehow going to wreck the family.”

Janelle recently shared her struggles with quarantine and pics from a weekend getaway to her and Kody’s daughter Maddie’s house in NC. She also gave her opinion of Kody and Meri’s failed marriage.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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