Sister Wives: Janelle Brown shares highlights from her weekend in North Carolina with daughter Maddie

Janelle Brown of Sister Wives
Janelle Brown of Sister Wives. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown shared some highlights of her trip to NC to visit her daughter Maddie.

Last week, Janelle first shared on her Strive with Janelle Facebook page that she would be visiting Maddie for a Zoom call. The Zoom call was for members of her page interested in ordering products.

In her video, Janelle was excited to be seeing her eldest daughter, as well as her grandkids Axel and Evie. 

Several days later, Janelle shared on her Instagram account that she and her youngest daughter Savanah had flown to NC, showing her followers a selfie of the two wearing their masks for the flight. Janelle recently shared a body positivity pic of Savanah.

Janelle captioned the photo, “On the way to see @madison_rose11 @brushcaleb and the babies. Can’t wait! It’s been too long since I snuggled them. New ways of traveling with masks but it’s all great.”

“We left the boys at home, they are both independent adults after all lol. I told them that the one requirement is the house isn’t trashed when I get back ??”

Janelle got in a bit of a Twitter scuffle with husband Kody Brown on the same day she posted about her boys being “independent adults.” Perhaps it was another shot at Kody for calling out her parenting.

Maddie and her husband Caleb moved to NC from Las Vegas while the family was still living in the cul-de-sac. Caleb took a job offer there. Fans saw last season when Janelle was in North Carolina with her husband Kody and sister-wife Christine for Evie’s birth. 

Janelle took to her Facebook page again early in the week to share a pic of a salad she whipped together using some of Maddie’s vegetables she had grown.

She said of the pic, “When I got to Maddie’s on Saturday she had a bunch of chick peas she had been soaking.  I spent the morning running batches through her InstaPot.”

“Tossed together a quick salad composed of the beans, some chopped tomato and cucumber, some spring mix, avocado, oil and vinegar, salt and pepper. Just eye-balled it – no real recipe. It was so yummy. Perfect for spring”

Fans of Janelle know that she enjoys gardening

Janelle was recently seen tending to her large garden during the height of the pandemic in this week’s episode. Janelle admittedly has a green thumb when it comes to gardening and it seems as though her look-alike daughter is following in her footsteps.

In her last post on Facebook, Janelle shared a “sweaty selfie” with Maddie after the two worked out together.

Her caption read, “I always struggle with the making the transition to working out when on vacation or away from home. Mission accomplished ?. Maddie and I worked out side by side today in her front room. “

“We each actually did our own separate workouts- just in the same space. Thank goodness for headphones ?  Sweaty selfie ?

Janelle runs a Strive business, which offers health coaching

Janelle first began her fitness and wellness journey in the early seasons of the show, when she and her sister wives joined a gym and tracked their weight loss efforts. Janelle launched her Strive business several years ago, offering followers health coaching options.

Fans might even recognize sister-wife Christine and her daughter Aspyn in some of Janelle’s Strive yoga videos. Janelle and husband Kody share six children together: Logan, Madison, Hunter, Garrison, Gabriel and Savanah.

The Browns’ two grandchildren, Axel and Evie, belong to Maddie and Caleb. There is one more grandchild on the way for the Browns, as daughter Mykelti is due any day with a daughter she’s naming Avalon. 

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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