Sister Wives’ Maddie Brown-Brush shares appreciation post about husband Caleb

Maddie and Caleb Brush earlier this year. Pic credit: @brushcaleb/Instagram

Sister Wives’ Maddie Brown-Brush recently shared the most adorable appreciation post about her husband Caleb Brush.

Maddie took to Instagram with a candid photo of Caleb holding both of their children on his lap at the dinner table. She also captioned the sweet picture with an equally endearing sentiment.

“This man worked late at a physical labor job. Both his babies missed him and needed ALL the attention! He patiently held them while he finished his dinner and talked to them as he gave them bites of the food they refused to eat when I fed it to them,” Maddie wrote.

She continued, “Squeezed in some time before it was bedtime for them. I fall more in love with him watching him father our kids. His patience always astounds me”

Caleb works demanding job with long hours

Caleb works as an elevator mechanic – a demanding physical job that can also lead to long hours.

He came very close to missing the birth of daughter Evie as he was working a few towns away and could not leave immediately when Maddie’s water broke. He eventually made it in time for her birth, with just a few moments to spare.


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Fans share their appreciation of Caleb

Caleb has become a fan favorite over the last few seasons since beginning a relationship with Maddie. Hundreds of fans commented on Maddie’s post mirroring her appreciation of Caleb.

One fan shared, “Any man that can work hard all day and come home and know that even a little dad time for the kiddos means the world to them, truly is a real man!”

The post was liked by nearly 30,000 people, including Maddie’s Mom, Janelle Brown, and sister, Ysabel Brown.

Maddie and Caleb have shared their fair share of ups and downs since they married. They have had a particularly trying year dealing with the emotional rollercoaster surrounding daughter Evie’s diagnosis of FATCO syndrome.

Their daughter was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder at birth that left Evie with limb difference. Evie is missing fingers, and notably was born without a fibula and with a bowed tibia.

Evie’s limb difference led to the amputation of her foot earlier in the year. Since the amputation, Evie has made great strides, and her parents have been there cheering her on in her journey.

She was fitted with her first prosthetic a month ago, and recently, even started walking. Evie’s inspiring spirit is no doubt being fostered by not just Caleb, but Maddie as well.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus at TLC

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