Meri Brown’s fans offer condolences after troll tells her to ‘get over’ her mother’s death and calls her ‘dramatic’

Meri Brown of Sister Wives
Meri handled a troll with grace after they made rude comments about her mother’s death. Pic credit: TLC

Meri Brown of Sister Wives handled a troll’s ill-mannered comments about her mother’s death with grace by taking the high road and not reciprocating insults, and her fans praised her for it and offered their condolences.

Meri was tweeting away during the season finale of Sister Wives on Sunday night, mostly answering fan questions and commenting on some lighthearted moments when a troll felt the need to insult Meri.

When Meri tweeted that she was sobbing during a scene in the season finale that featured her late mother, Bonnie, an internet troll showed up in her comments to make rude comments to Meri.

The troll tweeted, “Hey Meri, Get over it. I was 19 when my mom died. Your 55. You had a whole life with her. Old people die. Deal with it. You’re so damn dramatic!”

Meri took the high road and didn’t throw any shade at her troll, but instead offered her condolences

Instead of firing back with rude comments of her own, Meri bit her tongue and instead killed them with kindness.

Meri replied, “I’m so sorry for your loss, I can’t imagine losing her at such a young age. ?”

Meri Brown of Sister Wives on Twitter
Instead of firing back, Meri offered condolences to her troll. Pic credit: @MeriBrown1/Twitter

Meri lost her mother, Bonnie, unexpectedly just three weeks ago and is still grieving the loss of her beloved mom.

Having just buried Bonnie two weeks ago, Meri admitted that she is still struggling and feels lost without her “rock.”

Bonnie was beloved by the Brown family and guests at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, where she was the innkeeper.

Meri’s fans showed their support for her amid the troll’s rude comments

Meri’s fans came out in her defense after reading the troll’s rude comments aimed at the 50-year-old reality tv star.

When a fan told Meri that she was “incredibly kind” in her response to her troll, Meri quote retweeted the post and simply included one yellow heart.

Meri Brown of Sister Wives on Twitter
Fans called Meri “incredibly kind” and asked how she held back from attacking her troll. Pic credit: @MeriBrown1/Twitter

Another fan added to the post, telling Meri, “How do you hold back? I couldn’t, and their comment wasn’t even directed at me. ? You’re a kind and wise woman, Miss Meri! ?”

Meri showed her incredible self control once again when one of her fans responded to her troll

Meri’s supporter fired back at the troll: “Probably best she passed when you were 19. Then she didn’t have to see what an inconsiderate bitch her daughter turned out to be!” followed by an emoji giving the middle finger.

Meri Brown of Sister Wives on Twitter
Meri encouraged her fans not to reciprocate hatred towards her troll. Pic credit: @MeriBrown1/Twitter

Another one of Meri’s followers showed their support for Meri’s compassion and self control when they tweeted, “I lost my mom this year (covid) if anybody said anything like that to me I wouldn’t take the high road like you did! Kill em with kindness”

Once again, Meri offered her own condolences to her fan, telling them, “I’m so sorry for your loss!”

Meri Brown of Sister Wives on Twitter
Meri continued to offer condolences to fans who also lost loved ones. Pic credit: @MeriBrown1/Twitter

Meri has slowly returned to social media following her mother’s death

Meri took a hiatus from social media to mourn the death of her mother, but came back swinging last week when trolls alleged an affair between her and a Sister Wives producer and made assumptions about her financial decisions.

Although she’s slowly returned to social media, Meri admits that she’s still struggling, and said that she’s still seeking guidance in her mother’s absence.

Meri may have some major life decisions to make now that she has lost her mom, and especially in the midst of her marriage troubles with Kody.

Fans can continue to follow Meri on social media while they anxiously await a new season of Sister Wives.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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