Sister Wives: Meri Brown posts a touching tribute to her mom, feels ‘lost’ without her ‘rock’

Meri Brown of Sister Wives
Meri has had a rough week. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives star Meri Brown posted a heart wrenching tribute to her mother Bonnie two days after she laid her to rest.

In the post, Meri shared a pic of a memorial card of her mother. It had a pic of Bonnie in the center ring of yellow daffodils and it read, “When I get the call I will go. Bonnie Joyce, March 9, 1945 – March 26, 2021.”

She captioned the photo, “One week ago, just seven days, since I got the heartbreaking call. Seven days of hell, of unimaginable pain, of chaos and confusion. Seven days of more tears than I thought were in me. Seven days of wondering, what do I do now?”

“She always told me, when I get the call, I will go, it will be immediate and without warning. She didn’t lie,” she continued.

“There was so much left undone,” she lamented. “So many things she knew that I don’t. So many questions unanswered. I don’t know how to do this, how to move through the immense grief. This was NOT in my plan, she was supposed to be here so much longer.”

“I can only hope that since God had a plan for her, he has one for me as well,” she shared. “Because I feel so lost. They say the pain doesn’t last forever, that God provides strength to carry the pain and endure the grief. I’m still waiting for that.”

“Because right now I don’t feel strong. And I usually am,” she added. “She was a light, a safe place, to all who knew her, and even to those who didn’t. Her life was truly centered on Christ, more than any person I’ve ever known.”

She concluded, “She was a giver, her home always a refuge, her arms always ready to give a hug. I miss my mom. I miss my rock.”

Kody and Janelle attended the funeral and packed on the PDA

Meri was seen at the Rocky Ridge Chapel in Utah for her mother’s service. Also in attendance were Kody and wife number two, Janelle.

Pictures showed Kody and Janelle smooching in the parking lot. Kody was his typical animated self, completely out of touch with the atmosphere around him, according to sources.

Meri also revealed that her BFF Jenn Sullivan flew in to help her during the “hardest day” of her life. It was unclear whether her friend attended the funeral.

Meri’s other two sister wives were absent

Pics showed that Meri’s sister wives Christine and Robyn skipped the funeral. There were no signs of Robyn nearby, but Christine was spotted with her daughter Mykelti going to an ultrasound appointment.

Meri mentioned in her post that she’s usually strong, and she’ll definitely have to prove that now. Her marriage to Kody is on the rocks, she just lost her mother, and her only child lives nearly eight hours away.

Fans wonder if Meri will make any major life decisions now that her mother has passed. It only seems inevitable, given the circumstances.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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