Meri mocks Kody after a scene referencing drinking, fans appreciate her humor during season finale

Meri Brown of Sister Wives
Meri poked fun at Kody for a scene in the season finale, and her fans were there for it. Pic credit: TLC

Meri Brown mocked her husband, Kody, when she referenced a scene from the season finale of Sister Wives that involved a happy hour joke and her fans appreciated her humor.

During the last episode, Kody and his four wives met at their property at Coyote Pass to talk about their communication issues. Christine also proposed her idea of moving back to Utah to the spouses.

Meri’s tweet referenced a shirt she wore in the finale that said ‘May all your hours be happy hours’

When Meri showed up to the family meeting, she was wearing a t-shirt that read “May all your hours be happy hours.”

Christine remarked that she loved Meri’s shirt, and Meri replied, “Every hour should be happy hour.”

Kody, who sees his family as an “obstacle” to his own goals, spoke up and told Meri, “It sounds like a drinking game.”

Meri Brown of Sister Wives on Twitter
Meri’s shirt that sparked Kody to ask what happy hour was. Pic credit: TLC

Kody claimed to not know what a couple of common sayings meant

Meri jokingly replied back, “It’s because I’m happy with my life.”

Kody said, “Oh, no, that sounds like a drinking game!”

Meri told him her other favorite shirt says, “Beach, please” and told a story about how when she walks through stores, all the elderly people remark that they want to be at the beach and Meri said she tells them, “You know that’s not what that means, right?”

Meri Brown of Sister Wives on Twitter
Meri tweeted that Kody didn’t know what happy hour meant. Pic credit: @MeriBrown1/Twitter

Kody either played dumb or truly didn’t know, but he asked Meri, “What does ‘beach’ mean?”

Meri laid it out simply: “B***h, please.”

In the episode, Meri confessed that she swore Kody didn’t understand humor.

Meri Brown of Sister Wives on Twitter
Fans poked fun at Kody along with Meri. Pic credit: @MeriBrown1/Twitter

And off-screen, she took to social media to call Kody out once again for his naivete.

When Meri called out Kody for not knowing what happy hour meant, her fans played along

She tweeted, “Kody literally had no idea that I know what happy hour means….. uhhhh…. ok?? ??”

Meri’s fans had fun teasing Kody along with her.

One of her followers commented, “ITS BECAUSE IM HAPPY WITH MY LIFE!” ??”

Meri quote retweeted their post and said, “I mean, that’s what happy hour means, right? ??”

Another of Meri’s fans was happy to see Meri’s sense of humor in the episode: “Meri’s sense of humor is the fifth sister wife we all need ?”

Meri Brown of Sister Wives on Twitter
Fans got witty on Twitter with Meri. Pic credit: @MeriBrown1/Twitter

Viewers were happy to see Meri’s sense of humor for a change

Meri’s sense of humor in the finale episode was a welcome change from the drama that viewers watched go down this season.

The main storyline this season focused on Meri and Kody and their struggling relationship. Although Kody seemed to be done trying, Meri admitted that she isn’t giving up.

Meri recently revealed that she is committed to the family and that the “fight is worth it” to her.

Fans will have to follow Meri on social media to keep up with the Sister Wives star until another season of the show returns to the air.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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