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Devoin Austin wants to know why his girlfriend isn’t shown on Teen Mom 2, Briana DeJesus responds

Devoin Austin and Briana DeJesus of Teen Mom 2
Teen Mom 2 star Devoin Austin wondered why his girlfriend isn’t filmed for the show and his baby mama Briana DeJesus responded. Pic credit: MTV

Devoin Austin of Teen Mom 2 fame is asking why his girlfriend isn’t being featured on the show, despite other significant others being filmed, and his ex, Briana DeJesus, had some choice words for her baby daddy.

Teen Mom shared a clip on their Instagram page on Tuesday, showing Devoin’s baby mama, Briana DeJesus, introducing her new fiance, Javi Gonzalez, to viewers in Tuesday night’s episode.

At the time of the filming, Briana and Javi were just boyfriend and girlfriend and had been dating for about five or six months. The couple has since gotten engaged.

Devoin took to the comments section to ask why his girlfriend isn’t shown on the series

“I Wonder why they never wana talk about my boo(which I live with and has been the same throughout ALLLL these seasons)??” Devoin commented.

Fans of the show pointed out that the other dads on the franchise have their significant others filmed for the show, such as Gary Shirley’s wife Kristina, Ryan Edward’s wife Mackenzie, and Jo Rivera’s wife, Vee.

A Teen Mom fan page, Teen Mom Chatter, shared pics of Devoin’s posts and Briana’s comments.

Bri responded, thinking his comments were aimed at her, and Devoin clapped back

“low blow shade is corny especially when it comes to my personal life. I don’t comment on urs so pls don’t comment on mine. Ur tired of me ALWAYS talking about u so now that the gears have’s still an issue? If you wanna film scenes with ur girlfriend. Request it (: but not for nothing, they care more about my personal life than urs. Sorry,” Briana fired back.

Devoin fired back at Briana, calling her out for aiming her comment at him, thinking he was shading her.

The 28-year-old dad of one told Briana, “not talking to you. I’m happy for you. LITERALLY addressing the people responsible for the SHOW. Get over yourself,” Devoin told his baby mama.

Later, Devoin took to his Instagram stories to clarify his comments about his girlfriend not appearing on Teen Mom 2

Devon Austin of Teen Mom 2 on Instagram
Devoin explained the situation with his girlfriend not appearing on the show. Pic credit: @devoinaustin/Instagram

“For the record, my girlfriend started off on some “I don’t really want to record for the show s**t” which is normal for most ppl brought into the life of someone on reality TV. It got the point where, every time we do something with nova, they want to record and invade the natural vibes, but yet N E V E R air any of those scenes for you guys to see.. that is NOT fair!!” Devoin griped.

He continued, “They make sure to ruin my activity with cameras n s**t to never even show it. THAT is what I complain about. Sick of me complaining? Oh well!!! I’m sure you have some complaints about your job as well!!! Love you guys. But please be rational!!!?”

Devoin wanted to make sure he got his point across and shared his views in several places

Earlier in the day, Devoin also shared a story on Instagram that read, “Dear whoever the f**k run @teenmom do y’all not read these mother f***in comments ??? What’s up with y’all?”

Devoin wasn’t done there, though. He shared a post on Instagram, encouraging his followers to tag Teen Mom and MTV in his comments.

His post included a mirror selfie, advertising his chicken wing business, Wrist of Gold, as he sported his company’s t-shirt.

He captioned the post, “Comment and tag @teenmom / @mtv if you guys wana see more of ME ACCOMPLISHING my goals. And becoming a better Father/Man *dropping a site really soon to order shirts be on the lookout* and yes I will be shipping anywhere, shipping fee will vary of course.”

Briana and Devoin have a rocky past, dating back to the days when Briana was still pregnant with their daughter, Nova

The two have never seemed to work things out, with Briana continually accusing Devoin of not being present enough in Nova’s life and complaining that he needs to hold a steady job and help more financially.

Tensions rose between the exes when Devoin appeared on an episode of Kail Lowry’s podcast, and the two were rumored to be spending time together.

Briana began sharing clickbait articles that implied Kail and Devoin were in a relationship, but Kail quickly shot down the “fake news.” When Kail and Devoin hung out together at taping for the Teen Mom 2 reunion, Briana kept the rumors alive by continuing to post more clickbait articles about Kail and Devoin.

Devoin has made strides to improve his involvement in Nova’s life, spending time with her and her little sister, Stella. After Briana called out Devoin for picking up Nova late, he accused her of double standards after doing the same thing on this season’s first episode.

Fans of the show will have to watch to find out if Devoin gets his wish and viewers get to meet his girlfriend on the show and if he and Briana can ever get along peacefully.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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