Teen Mom 2 fans praise Devoin Austin for taking Nova and Stella to the arcade

Devoin Austin on Teen Mom 2
Teen Mom 2 fans admire Devoin Austin after he took Nova and Stella out for a night of fun Pic credit: MTV

Devoin Austin is being praised by Teen Mom 2 fans not only for being a good father to his daughter Nova, but for also taking her sister Stella under his wing.

Devoin has taken a lot of criticism in the past from his baby mama Briana DeJesus after she claimed several times that he was not involved enough in their daughter Nova’s life.

During last season of Teen Mom 2, the drama between Devoin and Briana was front and center and she was constantly on him about providing more financial support to help her with Nova’s activities.

Devoin claimed he did what he could, but that his job at a restaurant had suffered as a result of the pandemic.

Briana also got upset with Devoin when he showed up late to pick up Nova from gymnastics practice. The two of them have been feuding back and forth ever since.

Despite his differences with Briana, it looks like Devoin is stepping up not only for Nova but also for her younger sister Stella, as he shared posts on social media of both girls at an arcade.

Teen Mom 2 fans praise Devoin for being good to Nova and Stella

Devoin decided to take Nova for a day of fun to the arcade and he brought her younger sister Stella along too.

He shared a photo of the girls playing an arcade game together and a Teen Mom fanpage shared the image.

The fan page left a snarky caption that said, “[Devoin Austin] just doing deadbeat dad things like taking Nova AND Stella out for a night of fun.”

Fans were quick to show their support for Devoin and admired his attempt to do something nice for both of the girls.

One fan said that Devoin was a “wonderful father” and they admired the way he was stepping up for his daughter as well as her sister even though she isn’t his biological child.

A fan praises Devoin's parenting
A fan praises Devoin’s parenting Pic credit: @lyndeanapowell/Instagram

Another fan noted that Devoin has cared about Stella ever since she was born.

A fan says Devoin has loved Stella since she was born
A fan says Devoin has loved Stella since she was born Pic credit: @summerof1990__/Instagram

Others felt that Devoin was a good dad and that Briana gives him a hard time just to have something to complain about.

A fan thinks Devoin is a good dad
A fan thinks Devoin is a good dad Pic credit: @liannelariss.92/Instagram

Briana’s history with Stella’s father, Luis Hernandez

While Devoin and Briana share their daughter Nova, Stella is the daughter of Briana’s ex-boyfriend Luis Hernandez.

Briana has criticized Devoin for his parenting skills but Luis has been out of the picture a lot more than he has.

Devoin has tried to have a relationship with Stella since she is Nova’s younger sister and during last season, Stella even told Briana that she liked Devoin more than her own father.

Luis has made very few appearances on Teen Mom 2 and only dated Briana for a short period of time.

Regardless of whether Luis is in the picture, Teen Mom 2 fans adore watching Devoin step up for her while also being there for his own daughter.

Fans can continue to watch Devoin as he navigates co-parenting with Briana on this season of Teen Mom 2.

Teen Mom 2 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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