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Devoin Austin accuses Briana DeJesus of having double standards following new episode of Teen Mom 2

Devoin Austin on Teen Mom 2 reunion
Devoin Austin accuses Briana DeJesus of having double standards following new episode of Teen Mom 2 Pic credit: MTV

Devoin Austin was not happy with Briana DeJesus following the new season premiere of Teen Mom 2 last night.

Teen Mom 2 fans will recall last season when Devoin was late to pick up their daughter Nova from gymnastics. Briana blasted Devoin and couldn’t believe that he would leave their daughter there thinking that her parents forgot about her.

Briana used this incident against Devoin, and felt that he wasn’t being responsible as a parent.

Fast forward to last night’s episode and Briana herself was late to pick up Nova. She said she was so caught up in the errands she was running that she didn’t realize what time it was.

Briana laughed about the whole experience but Devoin did not find humor in the situation.

He blasted Briana on social media and accused her of having double standards and a Teen Mom fanpage shared his messages

He wrote, “Funny enough. Her being late not a BIG DEAL at all!!! Like s**t happens. Idk why dawg went off on me when I was late.”

He continued, “AND this is just the One time they showing us this. Lord knows how often that sh*t happens.”

Teen Mom 2 fans had mixed opinions on Devoin’s rants

Teen Mom 2 fans had mixed opinions following Devoin’s rant.

Some felt that he made a valid point and that Briana’s double standards were not fair to him.

A fan was supportive of Devoin
A fan was supportive of Devoin Pic credit: @guzzysgal1965/Instagram
A fan agreed with Devoin
A fan agreed with Devoin Pic credit: @itzcinthia24/Instagram

Others felt that Briana has consistently been the one who is there for their daughter as the primary caretaker. They didn’t feel that this one incident could compare to Devoin’s consistent inability to show up and thought he was being a “drama queen.”

A fan thinks Devoin is being a drama queen
A fan thinks Devoin is being a drama queen Pic credit: @vernetf/Instagram

The ongoing feud between Devoin and Briana

Devoin and Briana have had an ongoing feud since last season and the two of them are known to blast each other on social media.

Last year, when Devoin forgot to pick up Nova from gymnastics, Briana shared text messages after she flipped out on him.

She said, “Ur daughter is here crying and I don’t even know what to say to her? How dare you forget her. But honestly, it is what it is. You are showing her ur true colors, I don’t even have to express my feelings to her. She’s gaining her own.”

Devoin fired back and said, “She just said she wants to spend the night and wants to get pick up by me Friday. You can’t be mad for her all the time Briana,”

A Teen mom fanpage shared the messages and showed how much Briana had ripped into Devoin.

Last night, Briana made light of her own mishap, which is why Devoin has become so frustrated in the first place.

Briana has yet to address Devoin’s latest post, but if history repeats itself, Teen Mom 2 fans could be in for a lot more drama between the two of them as the new season continues.

Teen Mom 2 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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