Teen Mom 2: Briana DeJesus deletes tweets amid feud with Kail Lowry over relationship with Devoin Austin

Briana DeJesus of Teen Mom 2
Briana DeJesus mysteriously deleted tweets amid her feud with Kail Lowry over her ex-boyfriend Devoin Austin Pic credit: MTV

After an online feud with Teen Mom 2 co-star, Kail Lowry, Briana DeJesus has deleted most of her related posts on her Twitter account.

The feud started over a clickbait article posted by Briana which alluded to Devoin Austin being in a new relationship with Kail.

After seeing the article, Kail fired back and set the record straight, and told her followers not to fall for Briana’s clickbait.

Briana continued to share the same article link again the next day, before eventually deleting her post.

Curiously, Briana deleted all of her tweets prior to April 27. The only tweets she left on her account were more clickbait articles, though none of them were aimed at Kail.

Briana has posted several clickbait articles to her account

Briana had gone on several Twitter tirades, once making outrageous claims about her relationship status with both Kail and Javi, threatening to shave her head, admitting to having multiple personalities, and most recently calling herself an “old hag” with no energy.

Briana has also hinted at some health issues after she shared a picture from inside a hospital room, and later clarified that she was suffering from either allergies or a kidney problem.

Briana DeJesus of Teen Mom 2 Twitter page
Briana’s Twitter account shows that she has no photos or videos. Pic credit: @xobrianadej/Twitter

Briana was candid when she answered questions about Kail and Devoin

Briana first started the online feud with Kail when she answered questions from her followers on Instagram. A couple of the fans’ questioned Briana about the relationship between Kail and Devoin.

Briana didn’t hold back, and spilled all the tea.

When a fan asked her what she thought of Devoin’s friendship with Kail, Briana answered, “I am happy for him. He deserves all the clout he can get and she’s the perfect target for that bc it ain’t coming from me,”

When another fan asked, “Do you think Kail’s new friendship with Devoin is because you were with javi?”

She replied, “No, not at all. I think we all moved forward. It was a business move on both parties and I can totally respect it”

Some fans think that the feud between Kail and Briana started after Kail divorced Javi Marroquin and Briana then began dating him shortly after.

Kail had Devoin on her podcast earlier this year to give him a platform to express himself, as he felt he was unfairly portrayed by Briana and her family.

Fans can catch up with Briana and the rest of the cast of Teen Mom 2 when Season 11 premieres next week.

Teen Mom 2 returns to the air next Tuesday, May 4 at 8/7c on MTV.

All episodes of Teen Mom 2 are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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