Briana DeJesus opens up about more kids, which baby daddies and castmates she talks to, and adult films

Briana DeJesus of Teen Mom 2
Briana answered fan Q&A’s about a variety of topics. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus covered a broad range of topics when she answered fan questions, Q&A style, and talked about everything from having more kids, which of her baby daddies she talks to, and whether she would do adult films.

Briana spilled the tea on just about everything when she posted a question sticker on IG that read “Q+A.”

Fans asked a myriad of questions and Briana was candid in her answers.

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Briana claimed she’s on a break from OnlyFans because it’s overwhelming and a lot of work

Her followers kicked off the Q&A by asking Briana about her OnlyFans account and how she promotes it. She recently bragged that she was one of the platform’s top creators.

She revealed that she’s actually on a break from the content-sharing platform, admitting that running her OnlyFans account was a lot of work, and also revealed that she won’t be showing any nudity on her account.

Briana also revealed that she gets overwhelmed by all of the requests and messages she receives. She disclosed that some of the requests made her uncomfortable, that it wasn’t for her, but that she may be back because of the money.

Briana DeJesus of Teen Mom 2 on Instagram
Briana was open about her OnlyFans account. Pic credit: @_brianadejesus/Instagram

Briana answered a question about her relationship with her baby daddies, Devoin, who is dad to Nova, and Luis, who is dad to Stella.

When it comes to the drama between her baby daddies, Briana said she’ll let her daughters ‘find out for themselves’

A fan asked, “How is your relationship with your kids dad’s and coparenting going now?”

The 26-year-old answered, “As of now, I’m doing me. I don’t complain and let their dads do what they think they need to do as far as parenting and so far it’s been drama free. I don’t care anymore, letting my girls find out for themselves as they get older.”

Briana DeJesus of Teen Mom 2 on Instagram
Briana opened up about co-parenting with her exes and whether she talks to Javi Marroquin. Pic credit: @_brianadejesus/Instagram

Briana wants another baby

Another follower asked Briana, “Do you want more kids? Do you want a boy?”

Briana answered, “1 more but not right now. Maybe 3 years? And yes I would love for a boy but sex doesn’t matter.”

Briana opened up about exes Devoin and Javi and their relationships with Kailyn Lowry

A couple of fans had questions about Briana’s ex, Devoin, and his newfound relationship with her Teen Mom 2 castmate, Kailyn Lowry.

Kailyn had Devoin on her podcast, Coffee Convos, back in February, to share his side of the story when it came to co-parenting Nova with Briana.

Briana DeJesus of Teen Mom 2 on Instagram
Briana spilled the tea on Kail’s relationship with her ex, Devoin Austin. Pic credit: @_brianadejesus/Instagram

Briana claimed, “I am happy for him. He deserves all the clout he can get ? and she’s the perfect target for that bc it ain’t coming from me ?”

Another fan hinted that Kailyn might be friends with Devoin because of the fact that Briana once dated Kailyn’s ex, Javi Marroquin.

They asked her, “Do you think Kail’s new friendship with Devoin is because you were with javi?”

Briana said, “No, not at all. I think we all moved forward. It was a business move on both parties and I can totally respect it ?”

Briana made headlines last month when said that she was BFF’s with Kailyn and made other outrageous claims.

Briana revealed she has been offered an adult film role

The topic of adult films came up when one of Briana’s followers asked if she would ever do one.

Briana’s answer was, “I was offered one a long time ago and turned it down. Not for me ):”

When it came to Briana disclosing her favorite castmate, she told fans that Jade Cline was her Teen Mom 2 BFF and noted she’s excited for fans to see some of their fun adventures together in the upcoming season.

Briana DeJesus of Teen Mom 2 on Instagram
Briana dished on doing adult films and her Teen Mom 2 BFF. Pic credit: @_brianadejesus/Instagram

The Teen Mom 2 star finally gave insight into her health issues

Briana finally opened up about some of her recent health struggles, as well. She disclosed that she’s struggling with either a bad allergic reaction or kidney issues and revealed that doctors currently have her on a regimen of steroids, antibiotics, and antihistamines.

Briana DeJesus of Teen Mom 2 on Instagram
Briana gave some details about her recent health struggles and revealed she wants more kids. Pic credit: @_brianadejesus/Instagram

Briana recently shared pics from inside a hospital room, before she had disclosed what her medical issues were.

She had hinted previously that she felt like an “old hag” and was struggling with low energy levels.

Fans of the show can catch up on what else has been keeping Briana busy next month for a new season of Teen Mom 2.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus, returning to the air on Tuesday, May 4 at 8/7c on MTV.

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