Briana DeJesus’s followers weigh in on Devoin being late to pick up Nova

Briana DeJesus and Devoin Austin of TM2
After Briana shared a post from Teen Mom, her fans spoke out about Devoin picking up Nova late for gymnastics. Pic credit: MTV

Briana DeJesus shared a post from Teen Mom on Twitter after this week’s episode, asking if she can trust Devoin after he was late to pick up Nova from gymnastics, and her fans spoke out.

In this week’s episode, viewers watched as Devoin was late to pick up his and Briana’s daughter, Nova from gymnastics practice.

Briana said that Nova waited for over an hour with her gymnastics coach when they realized Devoin was late to pick her up and claimed that she missed a call from the coach.

Briana told her family that she later noticed a voice mail message on her phone, but not until after Nova was already home, informing her of what was going on.

In the post, the title asked, “Can @xobrianadej trust Devoin? #TeenMom2” and it included a gif of Briana sitting on the couch, looking depressed, next to her sister Brittany and the text read, “Terrible, terrible, terrible.”

Briana’s followers showed up in the comments to weigh in on Devoin being late to pick up Nova

Responding to Teen Mom and Briana, one fan wrote, “How do you freaking forget to pick your daughter up?!”

One fan of the show called out Briana over the missed call, which she claimed she didn’t notice until after Nova was already home and upstairs in bed.

“Dude… No missed call my a**. If your kids off at a certain time and you’re relying on someone who keeps letting you down you think you’d be on top of that checking that he for sure got her… You’re at fault too #youaintallthat” the fan wrote.

Briana DeJesus of Teen Mom 2 on Twitter
Briana’s fans spoke out on Devoin being late to pick up Nova. Pic credit: @TeenMom/Twitter

Teen Mom 2 fans continued to call out Devoin and felt Briana couldn’t trust him

More fans spoke out, and one urged Devoin to change his actions, saying, “@Devoin please stop giving @xobrianadej a storyline[.]”

Another said, “Nah now? Nah but she have realize she had been late picking her up and as a child she will have tuh get mama and pops gotta do a lot of others thing to hold down da family[.]”

One more fan commented and didn’t feel like Briana could trust Devoin, “Heck no!!! It’s annoying when he blames others for being a half ass dad. He really needs to grow the heck up and actually be a DAD.”

Briana DeJesus of Teen Mom 2 on Twitter
Fans of the show spoke out about Devoin being late to pick up Nova. Pic credit: @TeenMom/Twitter

Briana sent a long-winded text to Devoin after the incident, accusing him of getting high, and said she’d never ask him to pick her up again.

A portion of Briana’s text to Devoin after he forgot to pick up Nova. Pic credit: MTV

Devoin isn’t the only one to blame, according to the MTV star

Briana got called out earlier this year for being late to pick up Nova from school in the first episode this season, and Devoin accused her of having double standards.

Although Devoin has caught a lot of flak from Briana for his efforts as a father in Nova’s life, the single dad has been spending time with both Nova and her younger sister, Stella recently.

Devoin has stepped up his efforts lately and is even filling a gap in Briana’s daughter Stella’s life, whose dad Luis Hernandez has repeatedly been absent in her life.

Hopefully Briana and Devoin can work out how to peacefully co-parent together, at least for the sake of their daughter, Nova.

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