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The 5 best matches in Married at First Sight history

Pic Credit: Lifetime

Getting married at first sight is one of the most daring things you can do. After being single for so long, these individuals took the leap to get married to a complete stranger.

Lifetime’s hit show Married at First Sight has kept us glued to our television screens for over 11 seasons to see if love has a science to it.

These individuals who signed up for the experiment went through endless assessments and interviews in hopes of expert assistance in finding their soulmate.

While there have definitely been some bad matches on MAFS, there are several couples that keep us watching and prove that the experts can be right.

Their love continues to grow, as do many of their families and we just love to watch them as they transform from complete strangers to some of the best couples in all of reality TV.

Here is a list of the 5 best matches in Married at First Sight history:

1. Doug Hehner and Jaime Otis (Season 1)

Jaime initially thought the experiment failed her. Pic credit: Lifetime

This is the couple who first convinced viewers that getting married at first sight could work. The only success story from Season 1, Jamie and Doug are still married to this day.

Their story wasn’t always perfect. Jaime has often said that it wasn’t love at first sight with Doug. She admitted to not being attracted to her husband and went as far as saying the experts failed her on her wedding day.

However, she’s glad she trusted in the experts and gave the marriage a chance.

The couple has cemented themselves as icons for the show as they continue to participate in MAFS: Couples’ Cam and Jaime hosts the Married at First Sight spinoff, Unfiltered.

Jaime and Doug recently announced the arrival of their second son, Hendrix Douglas. Due to COVID-19, the couple avoided hospitals and Jaime shared her waterbirth with the world.

2. Bobby Dodd and Danielle Bergman (Season 7)

It took weeks for Bobby and Danielle to even come close to fighting. Pic credit: Lifetime

Bobby and Danielle knew they wanted their marriage to work from day 1. This couple had instant chemistry and seemed like a match made in heaven on the season based in Dallas.

Bobby said getting married at first sight has been one of the best experiences of his life. From him packing her lunches to taking care of her fostered pets, Bobby was committed to catering and supporting Danielle in a way she wasn’t used too.

The biggest conflict this couple faced was Bobby’s southern values. Bobby was surrounded by his sisters staying home to be caretakers for their children, and it was only natural he would expect his wife to do the same.

Although he believed in traditional gender roles, Danielle has always expressed her interest was in further pursuing her career.

Since getting married at first sight, the couple has welcomed a daughter Olivia and has recently announced that they will be adding to their family once again.

Bobby expressed his hope for a boy but would ultimately be happy as long as their baby is healthy.

On a recent episode of MAFS: Couples Cam, the couple shared their gender reveal with the world. Bobby got his wish and the couple will be welcoming a baby boy.

3. Gregory Okotie and Deonna McNeil (Season 9)

Deonna’s biggest problem was Greg’s constant compliments. Pic credit: Lifetime

Prior to getting married at first sight, Deonna hadn’t been in a relationship for ten years. The operations manager and math learning center owner were matched when MAFS took North Carolina.

The success rate for Season 9 was 50 percent and Greg and Deonna were lucky to be on the successful end.

While Greg usually played things safe – Deonna’s adventurous nature brought out a different side of his personality.

Deonna had one of the best problems in MAFS history, she wasn’t used to someone as reassuring as Greg. At one point, she had to let him know she wasn’t comfortable with all the compliments he showered her with.

It was no surprise the couple chose to stay married on Decision Day.

The couple continues to stay connected with fans on MAFS Couples Cam. From fertility yoga to aphrodisiac dinners, the couple shared their journey to getting pregnant.

Greg and Deonna recently announced that the addition of the family is finally official and baby Okotie will be here soon.

4. Anthony D’Amica and Ashley Petta (Season 5)

Ashley and Anthony were a fan favorite from season 5. Pic Credit: Lifetime

These two found love on season 5 based in Chicago. Ashley and Anthony were a fan favorite and viewers hoped they would stay together on Decision Day.

Since appearing on the show in 2016, the family has grown with the addition of their daughter Mila Rose. The couple has also recently revealed Ashley is now currently carrying Mila Rose’s new baby sister.

Having suffered miscarriages in the past, she’s usually not comfortable announcing this early in the pregnancy. However, the beans were going to be spilled as the couple made the major announcement weeks prior when they filmed MAFS: Couples Cam.

Ashley has been transparent with her pregnancies and has shared with fans her rough journey with her fertility. Since having their first child, the couple has experienced a chemical pregnancy and a miscarriage.

Documenting her life on social media has proved to be therapeutic for the MAFS alum.

5. Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd (Season 10)

Jessica and Austin were a breath of fresh air on season 10. Pic Credit: Lifetime

Although some couples on this season ended in restraining orders, it took a long time for this couple to even get into an argument. Viewers watched the nurse and the network technician have the easiest ride on the season set in Washington DC.

Compared to the problems of the other couples on this season, aka Mindy and Zach, their problems seemed minor. Their major problems included his long hours and extended work trips.

When Jessica’s biggest problem was Austin not being able I love you, it was obvious this couple was going to stay married. Luckily for Jessica, he was able to reveal on decision day that he was in love with her too.

The last time we saw them, they were getting a dog and moving into a new place together. Due to the pandemic – his trips have been cut short and they’ve been spending more time than ever together.

On MAFS: Couples Cam, Jessica has also kept us updated with her fight on the frontlines against COVID-19 as a medical professional. Due to the pandemic, she has been working more than ever.

While being stuck in quarantine could test any couple, it brought this couple closer.

They did admit to having their initial arguments but “made adjustments” to better work as a married couple. Austin was able to support his nurse wife through these long stressful hours at work.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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