Married at First Sight exclusive: Greg and Deonna dish on the pros and cons of spending quarantine together

Greg Okotie and Deonna McNeil on their Married at First Sight wedding day
Greg and Deonna are a Married at First Sight success story. Pic credit: Kinetic Content

Greg and Deonna were introduced on Season 9 of Married at First Sight and are one of two couples that remained married from that cast.

The adorable couple has quickly become a MAFS fan favorite, likely due to their sincerity and willingness to work together. Because of that, Greg and Deonna are one of nine success stories in all of the Married at First Sight franchise.

It seems that the relationship experts couldn’t have done a better job at pairing these two and they continued to prove as much on each episode of Married at First Sight Couples’ Cam.

Now, as the special Lifetime series comes to an end, Monsters & Critics had the opportunity to ask Greg and Deonna a few questions about their quarantine experience, what brought them closer together, and how they have coped.

Here is what they have to say:

Monsters & Critics: Has the quarantine helped you come closer as a couple?

Greg & Deonna: Yes. We have found new hobbies and interests that we like to do together such as gardening and playing games. We’ve continued to improve our communication skills since we see each other 24/7. We are learning more and more about each other daily.

M&C: What have you argued about in quarantine? 

Greg & Deonna: We haven’t truly argued, it’s more so been frustrating moments where we need to have time alone to recharge and refuel from one another. We enjoy spending time together but we’ve learned that we need to find space for ourselves separately.

M&C: Can you tell me one thing that you really appreciate about your spouse during this pandemic? How have they stepped up in a way you didnt expect? 

Deonna: Greg has been so helpful in my transition to working from home. He’s given me tips, tricks and helped me create a daily routine so I don’t become consumed by work.

That was a struggle for me in the beginning because I didn’t have the separation of home and work anymore. When Greg sees me stressed or on back to back calls, he’ll bring me snacks, check in on me and encourage me to take periodic breaks. He’s the best and it’s the little things like that, that shows me how much he really cares.

Greg: Deonna is very caring and goes out her way for things that I wouldn’t expect. For example, I caught a flat tire one day as I was heading to my center. I called her just to express my frustration but then she got off her Zoom call meeting to come where I was and switched cars so I can get to my center on time.

She even called AAA so I didn’t have to change the tire and be all sweaty and dirty before work. Definitely did not expect that. A true partnership.

M&C: What is the first thing you want to do when it is safe to do it again? 

Greg & Deonna: The first thing that we want to do is travel. Get on a plane and lay out on a beach.

M&C: Which one of you has been the most concerned about this pandemic?

Deonna: In the beginning, Greg was the most concerned because he bought in bulk (not hoarding/stockpiling) and made sure we stayed in the house as we waited until the pandemic passed.

But then, I became stir-crazy being at home 24/7 without an outlet. Greg had to reassure me many times that everything will be okay.

Married at First Sight Couples’ Cam airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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