Love Island USA: Who was the first person eliminated in Season 3?

Love Island USA: Who was the first person eliminated in Season 3?
The guys waiting to learn the first elimination on Love Island USA Season 3 Pic credit: CBS

Love Island USA just finished its first week of Season 3 and the first elimination was a shocking one to some viewers and a welcome one to others.

The episode painted the first true villain of the season and many viewers believed that the man who deserved to go home got a second chance he never deserved.

Meanwhile, the person most people expected to go home first after the premiere last Wednesday was the man who indeed went home at the end of the episode.

Here is a look at how Love Island USA’s first elimination of Season 3 went down.

Christian and Korey needed a last-second save

When the girls first coupled with the guys, there were seven girls and only five guys, so two of them were on the outside looking in. The only way they could protect themselves from elimination was to either hook up with the new girl Aimee or convince someone to recouple with them.

These two guys were Korey and Christian.

Christian quickly began working on finding someone new and he caught the attention of Olivia. She actually showed interest in him and it looked like she might be willing to move on from Javonny, with who she failed to find a quick connection.

Korey spent much of the first week sitting on the sidelines looking sad.

Aimee shook things up

Aimee showed up and had a private one-on-one with Josh and went on two dates, one with Jeremy and one with Will.

This did a few things to influence the first elimination.

First, it caused Shannon’s jealous side to come out and sent up red flags to Josh. Second, it made Jeremy rethink his connection with Trina. Third, it helped Will realize that he really wanted to try to make things work with Kyra.

Josh humiliates Shannon

One of the last competitions had the guys go through a fun little watercourse and then choose a woman to kiss.

As expected, Jeremy kissed Aimee, which Trina knew would probably happen. However, Josh and Shannon talked things out after the hot tub meeting with Aimee and they seemed to be back on the same page.

Then, Josh kissed Aimee in the competition rather than Shannon, humiliating her in front of everyone.

Shannon told Josh she couldn’t trust him again and it seemed their time together was over.

Who was the first elimination on Love Island USA?

The first recoupling started off with what everyone expected.

Cash chose Cinco, Kyra chose Will, Aimee chose Jeremy, and then things got hard.

Olivia had to choose between Christian and Javonny. She admitted she had feelings for both but she wanted to see if there was something special she had missed out on upfront, and she chose to stick with Javonny.

That left three guys and two girls. The guys left were Christian, Korey, and Josh.

Trina was up next and she didn’t look happy with her choices. After saying she was willing to just find a friend, for now, she chose Korey.

With Christian and Josh the only two left, Shannon was up.

Despite telling Josh she couldn’t trust him, saying he didn’t respect her, and talking about how he humiliated her, Shannon then chose Josh in the recoupling.

Christian was the first person to be eliminated on Love Island USA.

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.