Christian Longnecker gets no love on Love Island USA and viewers seem to hate him too

Twitter hates Christian Longnecker on Love Island USA premiere
Twitter hates Christian Longnecker on Love Island USA premiere. Pic credit: CBS

Christian Longnecker is the first person that arrived on Love Island USA that was shot down by a woman. He also didn’t find many fans on Twitter.

Out of the first five guys who came onto Love Island USA, the women were picky, only stepping forward for two of the men.

Only Josh Goldstein and Jeremy Hershberg had women step forward for them. That allowed Christian to choose who he wanted and he picked out Trina.

Fans were not impressed.

Twitter rips on Christian Longnecker on Love Island USA

Christian Longnecker came out and looked very different than the other guys. He wasn’t big and muscular, as Cash referred to him as too skinny.

He also had big bleached blonde hair and a little mustache. He stood there and was taken aback when no one chose him.

As he said in his intro promo, he had slept with over 99 women in his life and wanted something special here. None of the women seemed interested and Twitter was ready to cut loose on the Hawaiian coffee shop owner.

Twitter fans also weren’t a fan of Christian’s hair.

More bluntly, many fans hated Christian based on his political beliefs. Twitter user @finstatw posted a photo of Christian wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap.

Christian chose Trina.

Christian ends up first man dumped on Love Island

When Jeremy came out, she stepped up and was interested. Jeremy chose Trina and Christian ended up dumped instantly.

However, Christian got to move on and he ended up with the final girl who remained without a guy — Cash.

“Christian went from trina to Cashay.. Lord help my queens please,” write Twitter user @ashley062504699.”

Cash didn’t look too happy and commented she needed to help him get some muscle. He didn’t look too thrilled about the match either but tried to make things right in their first conversation.

The two talked and Cash admitted to how sweet Christian was, but then Twitter picked up on her attitude being less than romantic.

However, Twitter user @IsraQM felt the two still matched up better than others.

“Sorry cash and Christian friendzoned each other but still have more chemistry than any other couple on #LoveIsland.”

With two more guys coming in, things didn’t look good for Christian and Love Island USA viewers seemed more than happy about that.

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Wednesday, July 7 at 9/8c on CBS.

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