Love Island USA: Which couples are still together and who broke up already?

Love Island USA couples
Love Island USA Season 3 couples. Pic credit: CBS

The purpose of Love Island USA is to help young people find their significant others. However, it almost never lasts.

Even when the couples seem perfectly matched, they often break up shortly after the season ends.

Living together in the villa is not the same as the real world. The outside temptations are not there. They are in the same villa, and not living in different states. There is nothing to sacrifice when competing on Love Island USA.

However, once they get outside, there are countless people to tempt each person. There are many miles between some of them and that is often just too much to overcome.

Here is a look at who is still together from Love Island USA and who broke up after the show ended.

We will start out with the third season competitors and then look at what happened with Love Island USA’s first and second season’s couples.

Josh & Shannon

Josh and Shannon on Love Island USA
Josh and Shannon on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Josh Goldstein and Shannon St. Clair are the most legit couple coming out of Love Island USA Season 3.

The big problem with a lot of couples is that they lived too far apart. Josh and Shannon left the villa early together when Josh’s sister died, Shannon giving up her chance at winning the money to be with Josh.

Since that time, they have been the most consistent couple from any season, staying together, spending a lot of time with each other, and seemingly getting stronger by the day.

If any Love Island USA couple was built to last, it is Josh and Shannon.

Cinco & Cashay

Cinco and Cash on Love Island USA
Cinco and Cash on Love Island USA. Pic credit: @cashayproudfoot/Instagram

Cinco Holland and Cashay Proudfoot had a lot of problems in the villa. They hooked up, but Cinco felt that Cashay wasn’t all in and he moved on to Trina Njoroge.

After this, the Cashay-Cinco-Trina love triangle dominated Love Island USA’s third season. This made people hate Trina, turned many against Cinco, and made Cashay a huge fan favorite.

When Trina and Cashay both blew off Cinco and sent him home, it looked like they might be able to move on. This ended when Cash was eliminated early from the show.

However, when Cash left the villa, she went to Cinco. The two then hooked up again and have been together ever since.

There were moments where it looked like they would break up, but they made it last and Cashay and Cinco are still together.

Fans are cheering for them, but this relationship is nowhere near as strong as Josh and Shannon.

Olivia & Korey

Olivia and Korey on Love Island USA
Olivia and Korey on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

The relationship between Olivia Kaiser and Korey Gandy is very confusing.

Many fans doubted the relationship from the start, and it turned out there was a good reason to doubt them.

In a recent interview, Olivia told Korey that she wanted to back off a little when he wanted to pursue their relationship. She said she put him in the “friend zone” but there was one problem.

Olivia still wanted to work on their relationship, but Korey thought she was blowing him off. Thinking Olivia was not interested, Korey hooked up with Florita Diaz.

However, Olivia said she still loves him and wants to make it work.

It’s complicated.

Will & Kyra

Will and Kyra on Love Island USA
Will and Kyra on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Outside of Josh & Shannon, the one Love Island USA Season 3 couple that everyone thought would last was Will Moncada and Kyra Lizama.

However, when asked about the two, Olivia Kaiser said that those who know realized that Will wasn’t into it as much as Kyra.

This is also important because people thought that Will and Kyra were together before they came to Love Island USA and faked it into their relationship. Olivia said that isn’t true, and she might be right.

Will and Kyra didn’t last.

Kyra tried and seemed to really love Will, but she ended up in shock when Will went south of the border for a modeling job and ended up photographed and on video with an assortment of women.

Will and Kyra broke up while he was still out of the country.

Jeremy & Bailey (and Florita)

Jeremy and Bailey on Love Island USA
Jeremy and Bailey on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Korey Gandy wasn’t the only person that Florita Diaz hooked up with after leaving Love Island USA.

She also reconnected with Jeremy Hershberg, who placed third with Bailey Marshall.

Jeremy and Bailey left and seemed like a great couple. However, it took less than a month before Bailey said that Jeremy began to ghost her, and then she finally tracked him down and he said he was interested in someone else.

Photos on Instagram proved that was Florita, but she said they didn’t last very long either.

Since then, Florita Diaz hooked up with Korey, but that also ended.

Charlie & Alana

Charlie and Alana on Love Island USA
Charlie and Alana on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Charlie Lynch was the last bad guy on Love Island USA.

When he showed up in Casa Amor, he seemed like a white knight, swooping in to save Cashay from Cinco and the love triangle.

However, Cash wouldn’t stop talking and thinking about Cinco, so Charlie ended up dumping Cash for Alana Paolucci. Fans hated him for sending Cashay home.

Charlie and Alana still made it to the finals and came in fourth place out of the four finalists.

Their problems began the second they left the villa.

Charlie made comments and questioned if he made the right decision by choosing Alana over Cashay, and that really told her all she needed to know.

The two broke things off very early after leaving Love Island USA.

Aimee & Wes

Aimee and Wes on Love Island USA
Aimee and Wes on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Aimee Flores and Wes Ogsbury made headlines when they ended up booted from the villa at the same time, while they were coupled up.

Aimee claimed they were the real winners of the show because they left together and stayed coupled up after their elimination.

For weeks, Aimee and Wes posted photos and videos of them traveling together and growing even closer outside the villa in the real world.

However, it didn’t last. Aimee and Wes broke up, got back together, and almost immediately broke up again. Yet another Love Island USA couple who couldn’t make it work in the real world.

Love Island USA Season 1 finalists

Zac and Elizabeth on Love Island USA
Zac and Elizabeth on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Zac Mirabelli and Elizabeth Weber won the first season after pairing up from the first day. They seemed to be perfect matches.

However, they split up a few months after leaving the villa, breaking things off in December 2019.

Dylan Curry and Alexandra Stewart went from Day 4 to the finals and ended up making it official. However, they broke up in November of that year.

Ray Gantt and Caro VIehweg are an interesting situation.

They broke up the next July, but something has changed. They have hooked back up to compete in The Amazing Race, which debuts in January 2022. However, there is no word of if they are back together.

Weston Richey and Emily Salch broke up early in 2020.

Love Island USA Season 2 finalists

Justine and Caleb on Love Island USA
Justine and Caleb on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Justine and Caleb on Love Island USA Season 2. While they also seemed perfect, they broke up in three months.

Cely and Johnny seemed like the one couple that would last. Sadly, they lived on opposite sides of the country and that was too much. In January 2021, they split up.

Moira and Calvin broke up within two months.

Carrington and Laurel never stuck together at all, just becoming friends.

Connor and Mackenzie were together from the first day, but split up in the villa. After leaving, they hooked up outside and lasted until March of the next year before they also split up.

Love Island USA is on hiatus. Fans can relive the third season right now on Paramount+ streaming.

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