Florita Diaz on Love Island USA: Who is the new cast member and where can you find her on Instagram?

Florita Diaz on Love Island USA
Florita Diaz on Love Island USA Pic credit: CBS

Love Island USA just had its first elimination. While it looked like Josh was leaving the island villa, Shannon stuck with him and ended up sending Christian home.

However, three new girls are showing up this week.

One of the new girls is Florita Diaz and she is targeting Shannon’s man. Here is everything we know about the latest girl to join Love Island USA.

Who is Florita Diaz on Love Island?

The new girl, Florita, had a short promo on Sunday night’s episode where she made her target known.

Florita is a 27-year-old who works in the bottle service industry.

When introducing herself to the viewers at home, Florita said that she knows Josh is coupled up, but “who doesn’t love a little sassy Latina?”

With Josh and Shannon already on rocky ground, this will be an interesting storyline to watch.

How can you follow Florita Diaz on Instagram?

You can follow Florita Diaz on Instagram at @floritadiaz_.

Her profile indicates she is a public figure who is a model and into fitness, fashion, and Miami. She added, “spread love” onto her bio.

Her Love Island photo on the page reveals she is there to “f**k some stuff up and kill it” and to “watch out for all the drama and riots that follow.”

We also learned she loves tequila on the rocks and she appears to want to be a social media influencer, much like Shannon.

Florita shared photos for Skims just last month.

Florita has just over 90,000 Instagram followers and that number will surely rise once she steps foot on Season 3 of Love Island USA.

Who will Florita Diaz find love with on Love Island USA?

Just like Aimee looked at Josh first when she showed up on the island, Florita said she wanted to get to know Josh first as well.

Josh Goldstein is a 24-year-old college baseball player from Haverhill, Massachusetts who is currently with Shannon. 

He is also someone who likely needs to be saved to remain on the show. When he humiliated Shannon by kissing Aimee on Sunday’s episode, he not only proved she couldn’t trust him, but he turned off Aimee as well.

Aimee and Shannon paired up to talk about his actions and if Shannon hadn’t saved him at the last minute, Josh would be gone right now.

There is some thought that Shannon is planning revenge but if Florita gets her hands on him, he might live to love another day.

So, who will Florita hook up with first? Tune in this week to see who ends up with who when everyone starts to couple up.

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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