Shannon St. Clair: Is she looking for love or fame on Love Island USA?

Shannon St. Clair: Is she looking for love or fame on Love Island USA?
Shannon St. Clair: Is she looking for love or fame on Love Island USA?. Pic credit: @shannonsaint/Instagram / CBS

Shannon St. Clair has picked up a lot of attention since she showed up in the villa in Love Island USA.

However, there are many people who might be wondering if Shannon is there looking for love, or if she is looking for fame on the CBS summer hit.

Is Shannon from Love Island an influencer?

Heading into Love Island, Shannon has over 30,000 followers on Instagram and looking back at her past, it seems that she has been working at building her platform.

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Since joining Love Island USA, Shannon has already picked up 2,000 more followers on Instagram.

Her very first Instagram post showed her tumbling in the gum as a member of the cheer team. That first post already has 185 likes, and if she can pull in more fans with her experience on Love Island, she could end up becoming an influencer thanks to the reality show.

Once she started really posting a lot of photos, it was mostly her in bikinis and playing around in the water.

In May, she posted a photo of herself and tagged the photo with the company @fashionnova’s Instagram account, calling herself a “fashionnovapartner.”

It almost surely means that she already has partnered up with at least one company in anticipation of her role on Love Island USA.

That was her last Instagram post before her Love Island USA announcement, so if her plan is to build her popularity in the villa to increase her influencer opportunities, she is on the right path.

Shannon’s journey on Love Island USA

Shannon is a 24-year-old controller at a construction company in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

However, she might have bigger plans for her life and Love Island USA might give her a jump into that possibility.

When Josh Goldstein came out, three women stepped forward to try to win his interest. This included Trina NjorogeKyra Lizama, and Shannon.

Josh chose Shannon, which was what we predicted before the premiere episode aired.

There was a close call when Jeremy Hershberg came out and he stole Trina from Christian Longnecker. However, Christian ended up going to Cash and the first couples were set.

Through the first episode, much time was spent with Josh and Shannon, who seemed unsure of whether they were the best fits. With two new guys already showing up, Shannon has more options.

Could Shannon use these options to gain more followers and become an influencer, or will she try to find true love.

Love Island USA Season 3 premieres on Wednesday, July 7 at 9:30/8:30c on CBS.

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