Love Island USA: Viewers believe Trina will try to steal Cinco from Cash

Love Island USA: Viewers believe Trina will try to steal Cinco from Cash
Cinco and Trina talking to each other on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

On Love Island USA, with the exception of Aimee who came in late, the girls all got along well and stood by each other. However, there were some clues in the last two episodes that one of the girls might be ready to stab a friend in the back.

Even Aimee has gotten along better with the other girls, especially when they realized the boys had as much to do with the controversy as the new girl.

The only one who seemed to still hold a grudge against Aimee was Trina.

It was obvious the reason. Jeremy wanted to leave Trina for Aimee and the beauty chose him in the recoupling, leaving Trina to choose from the leftovers.

Now, it seems that Trina might be ready to do the same thing Aimee did to her, but she might be targeting one of her allies.

Will Trina try to steal Cinco from Cash on Love Island?

When Jeremy started to move away from Trina and move on to Aimee, the two girls who were there to support Trina were Kyra and Cash.

For Kyra, she saw something in common with Trina. Aimee was also interested in Will, and Kyra had already broken down about possibly losing him to the new girl.

For Cash, it was just about being a good friend. Cash was there for Trina and gave her someone to talk to and offered some good advice.

That led to two different moments that might have shown what kind of person Trina really is.

The first saw Trina go and talk to Cinco. She admitted that she liked him and wondered if he felt the same for her. This is despite Cash falling hard for the former football star.

The second came in a private diary segment where Trina admitted that she might be ready to move in and try to see if she can win over Cinco for herself.

She is doing all this behind Cash’s back, and that has rubbed many Love Island viewers the wrong way.

Love Island USA viewers worry about Cash

Something about Cash has won over Love Island viewers.

There are three new girls showing up this week and two of them admitted that they want to get to know Cinco. The twist is that the fans get to vote on who they go on a date with first.

Many fans specifically pointed out that no one needs to vote for Cinco because Cash has become such a big fan favorite.

Cinco voting tweet
Pic credit: @conkarla_/Twitter

However, while these new girls pose a threat, there are too many signs pointing at Trina stabbing Cash in the back to get her man.

“Now I loveTrina my black queen but if she try to still Cinco from Cash I’mma fight,” said Twitter user @kimora_H.

But, this is Love Island and it is all about drama, so Trina trying to move in on Cinco and betraying Cash’s trust would definitely bring the show to another level this season.

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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