Love Island USA fans are hating Trina and Cinco right now

Cinco on Trina on Love Island USA
Cinco on Trina on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Cinco came into Love Island USA this week with a decision to make. He said he was ready to choose between Trina and Cash.

When talking earlier in the episode, he said that for pure attraction, it was Trina he was more attracted to. However, when it comes to personality and a connection, it was Cash.

That is when Cinco made a shocking decision.

He chose Trina.

Cinco chose looks over personality on Love Island USA

Cinco has been saying all the right things to Cash through the first week.

However, he has also made it clear he was very attracted to Trina. When Trina chose to try to kiss Cinco behind Cash’s back, it turned a lot of fans against her.

However, just when it looked like Cinco was ready to choose Cash, he decided to go with Trina and this happened at the end of the episode.

Thursday night, Cinco will tell Cash his decision.

Cinco then put an exclamation point on his decision when he said he doesn’t care if people like him for it or not.

It is good that he doesn’t care because fans on social media hate the new Love Island USA couple.

Fans hate Cinco and Trina as a couple

When Instagram posted the video about Trina and Cinco’s decision, fans were upset in the comments. Cyberdrugsss said “now im pissed” while lullaurr said “so disappointed in him.”

Fans don’t want to see either contestant anymore, with Twitter user realitygirllll saying, “GET TRINA AND CINCO OFFFFFF MY SCREEN FOREVER.”

There are also fans that want to send both Cinco and Trina home the first chance they get to vote.

“Ima send cinco and Trina home the first chance I get,” said Twitter user trouble.

The other new girls look ready to cause some problems and the teaser for next episode also shows one of them saying they will make Cinco’s choice even harder.

Twitter user Quiet Storm said that “If Trina takes Cinco from Cash, I hope Lei Yan takes Cinco from Trina.”

There are a few fans who still like Cinco, but refuse to cheer for him if he is with Trina. “I still might root for Cinco but not while he’s with TT (Thirsty Trina) nope ain’t having it,” said Twitter user Nicole Thompson.

When the fan voting starts, it looks like Cinco and Trina just lost a lot of supporters.

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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