Wes Ogsbury on Love Island USA: Who is the new cast member and where can you find him on Instagram?

Wes Ogsbury on Love Island USA
Wes Ogsbury on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Wes Ogsbury is one of two new guys showing up next on Love Island USA and will arrive on Sunday night and get a date with one of the lucky women.

With the re-coupling shaking things up, and at least one woman not happy with who chose her, this could be a chance for fans to help out with the fan voting.

The fans will get to vote on who the two new guys get to go on a date with.

Who is Wes Ogsbury on Love Island?

Wes is a 24-year-old entrepreneur who lives in Denver, Colorado.

Wes graduated from Harvard in 2019, so it is clear he might be one of the smartest Islanders on this season of the show. He was also an athlete and the captain of the Harvard football team.

Wes was a defensive back for the team and earned the William Paine LaCroix Trophy for enthusiasm, sportsmanship, and loyalty. Those are all good things when it comes to the women on Love Island USA.

How can you follow Wes Ogsbury on Instagram?

You can follow Wes Ogsbury on Instagram at @ogeeezzbury.

Wes also showed off some football pictures on his social media account.

His Instagram account shows he loves to dance as seen in a post that also showed his funny side.

Wes has just over 3,800 Instagram followers and that number will surely rise once he gets to know the girls on Season 3 of Love Island USA.

Who will Wes find love with on Love Island USA?

Wes said upfront that he finds Aimee attractive and that is good news.

Aimee is coupled with Jeremy and is not happy. There are fans online who have decided to vote for Wes to go out on a date with Aimee first, and if that works, he might be the one who can save Aimee from Jeremy.

So, who will Wes hook up with first? Tune in this week to see who he ends up with after fans vote on his first date.

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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