Love Island USA fans want to save Aimee from Jeremy with new dates

Love Island USA fans want to save Aimee from Jeremy with new dates
Aimee on a date with Jeremy on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Aimee was going through a tough time on the last episode of Love Island USA, and things look to be getting worse in the previews for the next episode.

Aimee learned that Jeremy told Florita that he just looked at Aimee as a friend. Then, when it was time for the Islanders to choose a new coupling, Jeremy stuck with Aimee.

Things don’t seem to be working out well if the previews are any indication. However, fans have a way to save Aimee and they set out to do that after Friday night’s episode.

Jeremy is losing fans’ interest on Love Island

Jeremy started out with Trina, but things did not go well there. When Jeremy had a chance to switch women, he jumped at the chance to go after Aimee.

Trina rebounded by stealing Cinco from Cash and Jeremy began to work on his relationship with Aimee.

However, Jeremy still has no idea what he wants out of his Love Island USA experience.

When he started making the moves on Florita, he seemed ready to jump ship from Aimee and wanted to move on to the new girl. Lucky for Florita, she met Korey and the two hit it off perfectly.

Korey and Florita coupled up and it seemed like the best possible match for both of them.

However, Jeremy chose Aimee and she seems like she hates it since she found out what he was saying behind her back about just being friends.

It got even worse when Javonny was heard in a clip calling someone, presumably Jeremy, “fake.”

Now, fans want to do something about it to save Aimee from Jeremy.

Love Island USA fans trying to hook up Aimee with a new guy

Two new guys are hitting the villa this week and fans once again get to vote on who gets to go on a date with them.

When the three women showed up, fans voted for Korey to go on all three dates and he ended up with Florita after failing to find love with anyone on the island in the first week.

Now, fans want to see if Aimee can find love and want to vote for her to go out with both new guys.

“Sorry YALL I gotta save Aimee from the shackles of Jeremy and Shannon was for fun,” Twitter user shelby said about her votes.

“Please vote Aimee for a date Free Aimee from Jeremy Jeremy need to go,” I am Gennny said on Twitter.

XXBRIIXX followed that up with “Aimee is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen, IMAGINE having the audacity that wonder bread Jeremy has, IMAGINE.”

I am Gennny tweet about Love Island USA
Pic credit: @gennny1990/Twitter
XXBRIIXX tweet on Love Island USA
Pic credit: @MissBriFemme/Twitter

Between Trina, Cinco, Josh, Shannon, and now Jeremy, Love Island USA fans have found a lot to hate this season.

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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