Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast reveal may take a while longer

Julie Chen Hosts Big Brother
Julie Chen Moonves will be back to host the Winter 2022 season of Celebrity Big Brother USA. Pic credit: CBS

The Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast reveal is definitely not going to arrive as quickly as fans of the show would hope.

If it were up to Big Brother fans, we would already know the names of the people who will be playing the game this winter.

As it stands, though, it is a complicated procedure to get any group of celebrities on board for a reality competition show, let alone one where they get cut off from their families, friends, and publicists.

The process is complicated even further due to the ongoing pandemic and the required testing that the new celebrity house guests will have to go through before they even start playing the game.

Outlook on the Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast reveal

The season premiere for CBBUSA3 arrives on Wednesday, February 2. It airs at 8/7c, right before a new episode of the next season of The Amazing Race. For Big Brother fans who also watch that show, the new Amazing Race cast got revealed recently.

But back to Celebrity Big Brother. We don’t expect to learn the names of the CBBUSA3 cast members until the week before the first episode airs on CBS. This likely means we won’t get the official Celebrity Big Brother cast list until on or after Monday, January 24.

Celebrity Big Brother rumors about casting

Earlier in December, a lot of Big Brother fans shared who they wanted to see on the CBBUSA3 cast. There were even some former Big Brother houseguests who shared their thoughts, including Cody Calafiore, who picked one very notable celebrity.

Rumors are all we have to go off of so far because the producers of the show haven’t even come close to releasing any hints about who will be playing the game this winter.

A lot of the names getting linked to Celebrity Big Brother come from other reality TV shows.

Lisa Rinna and Scott Disick surfaced as two potential houseguests, and even before that, Survivor star Boston Rob Mariano and Jax Taylor were mentioned. We also saw CBBUSA3 rumors that involved Tiffany Pollard and Clay Aiken being on the show. 

None of these people are officially a part of the new season of Celebrity Big Brother yet, but they all do seem like possible houseguests who might be fun to watch play the game. And they are also much more realistic options than some of the A-list celebrities who have been mentioned by fans in the past.

In summary, even if the producers already know all of the names of the people they have talked to or who they hope to play on Celebrity Big Brother 3, it will be a while longer until Big Brother fans get to learn those names.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 debuts February 2 on CBS.

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Anti-white racist garbage. Wont watch another single episode of it.