Todrick Hall finally speaks about what happened on Celebrity Big Brother 3

Todrick Hall may finally be ready to talk about the way that he played Celebrity Big Brother this past winter. Recently, Todrick said that he disappeared after the season finale in order to “protect” his “mental health” and he thanked his fans for sticking by him. When he skipped out on the exit interviews that


Miesha Tate apologizes to Shanna Moakler after Celebrity Big Brother win

Miesha Tate said that she was “surprised” by the response from the Celebrity Big Brother jury and feels that she needs to personally speak with Shanna Moakler. In a new interview that was just released, Celebrity Big Brother 3 winner Miesha Tate spoke about a lot of different topics and gave her point-of-view of what


Celebrity Big Brother 3 reunion? Andy Cohen wants to host it

A Celebrity Big Brother 3 reunion is definitely on the mind of Bravolebrity Andy Cohen. The show’s latest season has been absolutely packed with drama, and that continued on finale night, where Miesha Tate won CBB3 and the $250,000 prize that came with it. When the jurors were placing their votes, quite a few of


Todrick Hall cancels interviews about crushing defeat on Celebrity Big Brother 3

Todrick Hall clearly wasn’t interested in talking about his loss to Miesha Tate on the Celebrity Big Brother 3 season finale. After a season where Todrick spent most of the time complimenting himself or dishing out personal attacks against other houseguests, it appears that he couldn’t take the heat when it came to answering questions


Celebrity Big Brother finale 2022: How will it work for the final three?

Celebrity Big Brother finale time has arrived, and the final three houseguests are in for an intense night when the CBB3 jury returns to place judgment. Host Julie Chen Moonves gave an exclusive interview to Us Weekly where she shared her thoughts on the season, the positive reaction Shanna Moakler has received from fans, and


Celebrity Big Brother reunion: Jury members hanging out together in California

A Celebrity Big Brother reunion of sorts has taken place in California following the eviction of Lamar Odom. After getting evicted from the Big Brother house, Lamar spoke about Todrick Hall playing “the victim” in his exit interviews while also talking about how he would love to star in a sitcom with Todd Bridges. But