Todrick Hall cancels interviews about crushing defeat on Celebrity Big Brother 3

Todrick Hall In Big Brother House
Celebrity Big Brother 3 ended with Todrick Hall in second place. Pic credit: CBS

Todrick Hall clearly wasn’t interested in talking about his loss to Miesha Tate on the Celebrity Big Brother 3 season finale.

After a season where Todrick spent most of the time complimenting himself or dishing out personal attacks against other houseguests, it appears that he couldn’t take the heat when it came to answering questions about his actions.

Ahead of the finale, we pondered whether Todrick would take responsibility or play the victim when it came to responding to inquiries about his behavior inside of the Big Brother house. Unfortunately, it looks like he went into hiding.

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When each houseguest gets evicted from Celebrity Big Brother, they meet with media outlets to talk about their experiences on the show. On finale night, Miesha Tate and Cynthia Bailey did just that, but Todrick was unwilling to speak to anyone.

Why did Todrick Hall cancel his Celebrity Big Brother 3 interviews?

As the CBB3 jury spoke and then Miesha Tate won Celebrity Big Brother 3, it was clear that Todrick was starting to get very uncomfortable on the stage Wednesday night. And after host Julie Chen Moonves brought a close to the season, it appeared that most of the celebrities on the stage wanted nothing more to do with Todrick.

“Soooo Todrick just canceled all press interviews. And I’m not kidding. #CBBUS3,” Us Weekly reporter Sharon Tharp posted on Twitter following the finale episode.

“It’s unclear at this time if they will reschedule or not. #CBBUS3,” she added in a follow-up tweet about the situation.

Several other media representatives followed that up with similar responses, with rumors suggesting that Todrick wouldn’t even come out of his dressing room.

Sharon Tharp On Todrick
Todrick Hall cancels CBB3 interviews. Pic credit: @SharonTharp/Twitter

Miesha Tate left to defend Todrick Hall by herself after CBB3

Sharon Tharp was able to interview Miesha Tate late Wednesday evening, and she reported that the MMA fighter spent a lot of time defending Todrick and saying things like he had a “good heart” in the house. In a clip that was posted to Sharon’s Instagram Stories, it sure seemed like Miesha was claiming fans didn’t understand that Big Brother is a game.

“This is not real life, you guys. This is not real life. We are playing a game, there are no rules…,” Miesha said in the teaser that Sharon posted.

“Miesha spent the first half of our interview defending Todrick. Hopes people will give him a chance. She’s very confused. She admits she may have said some things about Shanna but doesn’t seem to understand what was so wrong. 10 minutes was not enough time with her. #CBBUS3,” Sharon then posted on her Twitter account after meeting with Miesha.

Sharon Tharp On Todrick 2
Sharon Tharp interviews Miesha Tate after CBB3. Pic credit: @SharonTharp/Twitter

Will Todrick still demand an apology from Shanna Moakler?

When Todrick Hall eventually resurfaces, will he still expect to receive an apology from Shanna Moakler?

For any Big Brother fans who missed it, Todrick said he feels Shanna should apologize to him for what happened on this season. It was one of many comments that Todrick was seen making about Shanna after she got evicted from the Big Brother house.

And that feeling that he deserved an apology showed that he expected Big Brother fans to respond in a specific way during finale night. He definitely didn’t seem to be expecting a backlash like this one, and we can’t help but wonder how a “superfan” like himself would react if he saw a houseguest hiding after they lost.

Hopefully, we hear more from Todrick himself when the dust settled on Thursday and full interviews with other Celebrity Big Brother 3 cast members start getting released. But right now, this is not a good look for the former American Idol contestant.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 can be streamed on Paramount+.

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I kinda wish Cynthia won BB. Toddrick would be suicidal !!!!!
Loving that Todrick is in “in hiding” !!!

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haha!!! LOL what a racist dbag