A Mount Rushmore of Big Brother cringe-worthy moments has been revealed

A Mount Rushmore of Big Brother cringe was revealed. Many cringe-worthy moments have been featured over the years on Big Brother. Often, the cringe moments happen when a houseguest doesn’t know they are over the top. Sportscasters will replace the four faces of Mount Rushmore with athletes. Lists have included the four best home run


What is the difference between Celebrity Big Brother and Big Brother: All-Stars?

Big Brother 25 arrives this summer on CBS. But in addition to the BB25 cast, fans may get a bonus season during the winter months. As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, CBS was discussing having a “celebrity all-stars version” soon. Something may have been lost in translation because that’s not something the network has


Big Brother could give fans two new seasons

Big Brother fans have several reasons to get very excited. Due to the ongoing Writers Strike, two new seasons of Big Brother appear to be in the works. The Writers Guild of America decided to go on strike to receive better compensation and more protections on the job. As a result of the WGA strike,


Celebrity Big Brother rumors swirl for Fall 2023

Celebrity Big Brother may return very soon. With rumors that the Writers Strike could drag on, networks are prepping reality shows to air in Fall 2023. For anyone who hasn’t seen what is going on in Hollywood, the Writers Guild of America is on strike. Members of the WGA write for most of the scripted


Celebrity Big Brother: Did Julie Chen Moonves just tease a new season?

Julie Chen Moonves posted a picture of herself sitting in the Celebrity Big Brother house, and it certainly got social media buzzing. There had been a lot of fans hoping that a new CBB season would take place this winter, but CBS decided not to do one. And recently, Julie has posted a number of


Celebrity Big Brother: It’s time for a streaming season

Celebrity Big Brother USA is a popular spin-off of the regular summer version of the show. With a cast made up entirely of celebrities, a shorter season of the game is played, and the first three installments have taken place during the winter months. Unfortunately, it looks like fans won’t get to see Celebrity Big


Celebrity Big Brother: Bad news about Season 4

Celebrity Big Brother 4 was something that fans had hoped would roll out during the upcoming winter. Last winter, a new group of celebrities moved into the Big Brother house during the winter, presenting some CBS content to go up against the Winter Olympics. As a reminder, it was fighter Miesha Tate who beat out


Police called to Shanna Moakler’s house for ‘domestic disturbance’

Celebrity Big Brother alum Shanna Moakler reportedly had the cops show up at her house late Thursday. This follows the news from earlier in the week that her boyfriend, Matthew Rondeau, has been charged with domestic violence. According to TMZ, it seems that it was Moakler’s daughter who called 911 to report a “domestic disturbance”


Shanna Moakler’s boyfriend Matthew Rondeau has been charged with domestic violence

Shanna Moakler’s relationship with Matthew Rondeau has taken another turn, as he has reportedly been charged based on his domestic violence arrest that took place right at the end of Celebrity Big Brother 3. According to TMZ, Rondeau was just charged with misdemeanor domestic violence, battery, and vandalism. These charges stem from Rondeau’s arrest in