Celebrity Big Brother: Did Julie Chen Moonves just tease a new season?

Julie Chen Moonves Instagram
Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves might be teasing the fans again. Pic credit: @JulieChenMoonves/Instagram

Julie Chen Moonves posted a picture of herself sitting in the Celebrity Big Brother house, and it certainly got social media buzzing.

There had been a lot of fans hoping that a new CBB season would take place this winter, but CBS decided not to do one.

And recently, Julie has posted a number of photos that seemed to have hinted at former houseguests getting another chance.

So what’s actually going on here? Could we be looking at a Spring 2023 season of Celebrity Big Brother?

Or is Julie just teasing Big Brother fans to keep everyone excited and engaged about what might be taking place this summer?

Julie Chen Moonves returns to the Big Brother house

With a simple caption that featured two houses and a smiling little emoji, Julie posted a picture of herself sitting in a lounge that was featured on Celebrity Big Brother.

It quickly led to a lot of responses from fans who wanted to know what she was getting at, including several accounts asking her to reveal if there was something tangible behind the post.

This isn’t a new photo that Julie decided to share, so it may have nothing to do with an upcoming season of Celebrity Big Brother or Big Brother 25 this summer.

It may simply just be Julie keeping everyone on their toes and ensuring that Big Brother fans keep talking about the reality competition show during the offseason.

Unless we hear a big announcement soon, it may not be until late June or early July of 2023 when the next new episodes of Big Brother start rolling out. Those ones will feature the BB25 cast.

More news from the world of Big Brother

Recently, a former houseguest teased an all-winners season of Big Brother, which itself helped create a lot of positive buzz, and got the show trending in an off-month (February).

All of the chatter and rumors led to Big Brother fans naming the worst twists that the show has seen over its first 24 years in the United States. There were some interesting twists that made the list, so hopefully, the producers are paying attention.

In an honest revelation from a former houseguest, Tyler Crispen talked about dealing with depression. Fans of the show got to know him as a member of the BB20 cast, where he made it all the way to the final two with Kaycee Clark.

Tyler had been engaged to Angela Rummans from that same season, but the couple recently broke up.

And in other relationship news, Kyle Capener and Alyssa Snider also broke up, after the BB24 couple took several vacations around the world together.

Big Brother 25 airs in Summer 2023 on CBS.

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