Julie Chen Moonves asks fans to weigh in on Big Brother history

Julie Chen Moonves Emmys
Julie Chen Moonves may get to host Celebrity Big Brother again. Pic credit: ©

Julie Chen Moonves is getting Big Brother fans worked up this winter, posing a new question to get social media users debating about the show again.

This is about the time of year when Julie starts teasing Big Brother fans about what’s to come.

Recently, she got fans wondering if the BB25 cast would be returners by asking fans who their favorite runner-up is from past seasons.

Now, she wants people to think about the themes and twists that have made the game what it is today.

There is a new season of the show slated to debut this summer, with the expectation that the season premiere will air around the end of June or the beginning of July.

Based on her teases about returners, a poll was done of Big Brother fans about who they want back. It led to some interesting answers.

Julie Chen Moonves teases Big Brother friends again

“What has been your favorite twist on Big Brother? Asking for a friend…,” Julie just posted on Twitter today.

As expected, it got people buzzing about the show and making guesses about who she might be taking that information to.

Big Brother fans respond to Julie Chen Moonves

A lot of Big Brother fans have already been weighing in on Julie’s question, some of which are suggesting new twists.

This particular fan appears to have enjoyed watching Big Brother 6.

Another fan referenced the twist from Big Brother 20, where one of the houseguests was forced to interact through a robot interface.

Other ideas that got suggested were bringing back the twin twist, using the Safety Suite again from Big Brother 22, and even trying a season with no twists.

One Big Brother fan going by the name Michael suggested bringing back the Food Competitions, the Have-Not Competitions, and the Luxury Competitions.

Big Brother Twists
A Big Brother fan shares his thoughts. Pic credit: @mjthomas7980/Twitter

Viewers will have to wait and see if these popular twists get brought back for another season.

More from Big Brother

Big Brother alum Tyler Crispen shared a video about his depression where he updated fans on what has been going on with his life.

Likewise, fellow BB20 cast member Angela Rummans talked to her fans about what she has been up to following the couple’s splitting.

And elsewhere in the world of reality TV, Season 2 of The Traitors is on the way. On Season 1 of the show, four former Big Brother houseguests took part in the new reality competition show from Peacock.

Big Brother 25 airs in Summer 2023 on CBS.

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Sukabg One
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