Julie Chen Moonves, Cirie Fields get huge reality TV honors

Variety revealed its most powerful women on reality television, and Julie Chen Moonves and Cirie Fields from Big Brother made the list. It has been a big year for reality TV, especially with two Hollywood strikes happening. It led to some interesting choices by the networks and space for many women to shine. Variety released


Big Brother winner shades host Julie Chen Moonves

A Big Brother winner seems to be no fan of host Julie Chen Moonves As Big Brother 25 was ending, Andy Herren had some choice words for the long-time face of the show. Big Brother 15 introduced Andy to the world. He won the BB15 season and pocketed a cool $500,000 for his efforts. Andy


Julie addresses whether Jared is helping or hurting Cirie on Big Brother 25

The Big Brother 25 twist has a mother and son duo playing the game. Jared Fields was introduced as the son of the Survivor legend of Cirie Fields. And when the Big Brother 2023 season began, Jared appeared to be playing the game alone. But at the end of the season premiere, Cirie was revealed


Big Brother 25 full house tour: Julie Chen Moonves reveals the BB25 oddities

Julie Chen Moonves has provided an extensive Big Brother 25 house tour. The long-time Big Brother host revealed some secrets about the house, as well as some new oddities. Nearly everything is different about the house this season, and it plays right into the theme. The producers released footage from the BB25 season premiere to


Can Julie Chen Moonves host Big Brother 25 during strike?

The Screen Actors Guild is on strike right as Big Brother 25 gets ready to begin. Actors and actresses have gone on strike to get a better contract, shutting down most of Hollywood. The strike is directly impacting many CBS shows. NCIS Season 21 will likely be postponed, even though new episodes were supposed to


CBS teases Big Brother 25, asks for questions from fans

Big Brother returns this summer with a new season on CBS. The start date for the BB25 cast has not been revealed, but it could be similar to when Big Brother 24 began in 2022. What is known for sure is that CBS ordered Big Brother 25, and host Julie Chen Moonves has already started


Julie Chen Moonves asks fans to weigh in on Big Brother history

Julie Chen Moonves is getting Big Brother fans worked up this winter, posing a new question to get social media users debating about the show again. This is about the time of year when Julie starts teasing Big Brother fans about what’s to come. Recently, she got fans wondering if the BB25 cast would be


Celebrity Big Brother: It’s time for a streaming season

Celebrity Big Brother USA is a popular spin-off of the regular summer version of the show. With a cast made up entirely of celebrities, a shorter season of the game is played, and the first three installments have taken place during the winter months. Unfortunately, it looks like fans won’t get to see Celebrity Big


Big Brother 25 spoilers: Did the theme just get revealed?

Big Brother 25 spoilers may have just been revealed by host Julie Chen Moonves. Taking to social media, Julie asked Big Brother fans to choose their favorite runner-up that the show has seen. This is very interesting timing, as it was recently stated that former Big Brother houseguests got contacted about possibly taking part in