Big Brother 25 spoilers: Did the theme just get revealed?

Julie Chen With Big Brother
Julie Chen Moonves will have her first Big Brother 25 exit interview soon. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 25 spoilers may have just been revealed by host Julie Chen Moonves.

Taking to social media, Julie asked Big Brother fans to choose their favorite runner-up that the show has seen.

This is very interesting timing, as it was recently stated that former Big Brother houseguests got contacted about possibly taking part in the upcoming season of the show.

Within her post, Julie also shared 18 photos of people who finished as the runner-up during their respective seasons. One of them, Paul Abrahamian, has finished as the runner-up two different times.

Even though the post just went up, the buzz has reached critical mass, getting fans really geared up to take part in the debate and also getting excited about the producers putting together a second-chance season.

Could the Big Brother 25 theme revolve around giving people a second shot at winning the game? For some of these runner-ups, it would be a third or fourth chance at playing on the reality competition show.

Did Julie Chen Moonves tease Big Brother 25?

“So, a question. Who is your favorite 2nd place runner-up houseguest of Big Brother ?? Swipe ↔️ to see both slides,” Julie captioned her new Instagram post today.

Below is that post, where we get to see the smiling faces of 18 people who have played the game well, but also finished short of winning that $500,000 or $750,000 prize.

Giving credence to the rumors that this is a real tease about Big Brother 25 is the fact that Julie did not post a picture of Big Brother 16 runner-up, Cody Calafiore. Cody did return to the show and win Big Brother 22, but he is also a very memorable runner-up. Maybe winning his second attempt would rule him out from this theme?

A lot of time to wait for Big Brother 25 start date

We aren’t going to see the Big Brother 25 start date arrive until Summer 2023, so there is a lot of waiting time between now and then. It means that there is also a lot of time for rumors and teases to be posted online from people close to the show.

It should be pointed out that Julie does like to mess with Big Brother fans, and she may have posted all of these runner-up photos just to get chatter going about the show during the offseason.

But wouldn’t it be awesome if the runner-ups were invited to play a winter season of Big Brother done in a shorter amount of time? That could be a lot of fun, but bad news about Celebrity Big Brother 4 was recently shared, suggesting Julie is off until Summer 2023.

What do you think about the post from Julie Chen Moonves and the potential for this to become a Big Brother 25 theme? Make sure to weigh in with a comment and a prediction of your own. Feel free to let us know your favorite Big Brother runner-up!

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